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My Perfect Moment Manifesto

Yesterday I had one of those idyllic days that you want to bottle up and sprinkle on your less than stellar sucky days that sometimes seem to overtake us.  Those are the worst, but yesterday was the best. About 4:30 in the afternoon, as my two boys were napping in the back seat after a... Read more »

He Speaks, Again

This is a guest post by a friend and fellow Cancer Mom. By Kathleen Manning Have you ever had a déjà vu moment? You know, a moment when you have a strong feeling that an event or an experience, that you are in the midst of experiencing, has happened before. Déjà vu is French and,... Read more »

Hinsdale High School Cowers in the Face of an AK-47 (T-Shirt)

If you’re local to Chicago, you might have been following the story of a suburban boy who was suspended last week from Hinsdale Central High School for wearing a t-shirt with an image of an AK-47 on it.  As reported by Annemarie Mannion in the Chicago Tribune, the student in question wore the t-shirt pictured... Read more »

Honoring Birth Mothers on Mother's Day

A few months ago, in a glorious daze of caring for our littlest child — a newly adopted baby boy — an article I wrote was published in Chicago Parent magazine.  You can read it here.  I called it “Invisible Pregnancy,” but that title was changed by the magazine.  The article focused on the few... Read more »

Letter to a New Mom: Unsolicited Advice From Someone Who Has Been There

Pffft.  Unsolicited advice — just what every new mom needs, am I right?  As if the poor gal isn’t the target of mountains of the stuff every.  single.  day (which is, in itself, a beautiful metaphor for the laundry that comes with motherhood).  My absolute favorite piece of advice I got as I neared motherhood... Read more »

Happy Birthday, Audrey

Style icon, humanitarian, Google doodle cover girl.  Today marks Audrey Hepburn’s would be 85th birthday. If you peruse my Pinterest boards, it wouldn’t take long to see that I have a love for all things mid-century.  Audrey Hepburn is a large part of that. She had tremendous style.  She had powerful grace.  She had a... Read more »

Emotions 101

Everybody has a hobby, right?  Some folks run marathons, others read mysteries or climb mountains, twee folks go antiquing on the weekends. Me?  I emote.  It’s sort of my thing.  I’m damn good at it, too. I’m so good at it, my friends, that I opted to make a career out of it.  In my... Read more »