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Liking How I Look at 44

I grew up with a beautiful mother.  KABLAMMO, man, she was insanely gorgeous.  Like Hollywood starlet gorgeous.  Like men might weep in her presence gorgeous.  Like strangers would compare her to Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn gorgeous.  Gorgeous.  Except, she never really thought so. You see, she grew up hearing she was skinny and had... Read more »

When Friendships End

It was a warm day in late spring.  I was walking home from school with a few of my close friends.  We were eight, I think, third grade.  We all walked home together every day, that day being no different.  Until it was. At some point, each of the girls I was walking with crossed... Read more »

Closing Lake Shore Drive: When the Threat of Terrorism Is Close to Home

The reason terrorism works, and make no bones about it, it does work, is that it creates fear and chaos in day-to-day life.  Things that should be normal, routine, easy are majorly impacted by terrorism.  Subways in London, cafes in Israel, finish lines in Boston, office towers in New York City.  These are all places... Read more »

Disappointing Your Children, Or How Much Mr. Rogers and My Dad Don't Have in Common

There are certain things in life you can count on.  The sky is blue, all poop stinks, April 15 is Tax Day (that’s today, yo), and Jon Hamm is ridiculously handsome.  Another certainty in life is that if you are a parent raising children, you will disappoint them at some time.  It’s okay.  You’re supposed... Read more »

Odd Crushes

You can not erase what you are about to read about me, so if you have an image of Mary Tyler Mom that you wish to protect, then step away from the screen right now.  Seriously, I’ll wait.  Power that sucker off, cause what I’m about to reveal ain’t pretty. Okay . . . if... Read more »

Muddy Shoes

Monday was kind of a glorious day in Chicago.  Over sixty degrees and holding a whisper of warmth to come.  Like a movie trailer to the upcoming season, rated G for giddy.  The snow that started accumulating in December and just never left, well, it finally did.  Poof.  Gone.  All that remains of it are... Read more »

That's What She Said

On Saturday, a mom and fellow blogger I had never met outside of Facebook donated her son’s very first haircut to the Donna’s Good Things shave event for St. Baldrick’s.  It moved me, this kind gesture, which I secretly thought of as “pimping the cut,” despite that being terribly uncouth. When I first learned of... Read more »