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Choose Health

I’ve been choosing hope since 2007.  Most every day I make a conscious choice at some point to be hopeful.  Sometimes it is first thing in the morning.  Sometimes it isn’t until late at night.  Sometimes it is a pretty constant process throughout the day.  Point is, I choose hope almost every day and my... Read more »

25 Things You Don't Know About Me (That Don't Really Matter)

1.  We did not serve cake at our wedding.  We had wedding pie. 2.  I have the palate of a six year old. 3.  I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was 12. 4.  I never drank until my mid-20s. 5.  I only drink full sugar soda, preferably Coke, and usually twice... Read more »

Delivering Christmas

A few weeks ago a request for donations crossed my path on Facebook.  I use social media for fundraising, so it caught my eye.  Cal’s All Star Angel Foundation, a charity focused on making life for kids with cancer better, was seeking donations for its 12 Days of Christmas program. For the past three years,... Read more »

It's the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)

Sometimes a bottle cap can change your life.  This is the bottle cap that changed mine. When Donna was in the thick of her cancer treatment, we were blessed with tremendous support.  Our family cooked for us, cleaned for us, laundered for us, shuttled us around, comforted us, and supported us so we could support... Read more »

Newtown, Old Story: Resources for Discussing School Violence

At 3:50 AM this morning I heard my son’s voice next to me, fresh from sleep, “I miss my sister.  I miss my sister.”  Mary Tyler Son is three.  He was just shy of ten months when his sister Donna died.  He has never before uttered these words, certainly not in the middle of the... Read more »

Chicken Pot Pie for Dummies

Some months of the year just seem to require more hugs.  December is one of those.  There is the stress of the holidays, the brutal awareness that our holidays will never just be stressful, they will be sad to boot, and the obligatory cheer that we are surrounded by and fully expected to participate in.... Read more »

Festival of Lights Parade for Beginners

The cutest quartet of saxophone players ever in the history of marching bands during the line up of the parade.
I have never used this platform as a means to endorse or promote a particular brand or product and I take this very seriously.  You all don’t come here to find out what car to drive or broom to use.  You come here to read about life and love and hope and family and all... Read more »

Adieu, iPad, It's Been Real

My iPad is dying a long, slow death.  I call it the iPad no number, as it is first generation.  This is a little painful for me, because the iPad is a thing of beauty.  Cue singing angels here.  Mary Tyler Dad gifted it to me for Mother’s Day, 2010 — my first Mother’s Day... Read more »

Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth - Embracing My Inner Sloth

What?  How cute is this?  See, being a sloth is adorable!  (Photo courtesy of asirap, Creative Commons)
Sloth [slawth], noun:   1.     habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness. 2.     any of several slow moving arboreal tropical American dentates of the family Bradypodidae, having a long, course, grayish-brown coat often of a greenish cast caused by algae, and long, hookline claws used in gripping tree branches while hanging or moving in a down position. synonyms:  shiftlessness, idleness, slackness.... Read more »

'Parenthood' and Cancer

I love parenthood.  And I love ‘Parenthood,’ the NBC slice of privileged Northern California life drama.  I never miss an episode.  Really.  And when I see a new episode pop up on Hulu, well, I know just what Imma curl up with as soon as the boy is asleep.  Every episode makes me cry.  Every... Read more »