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Childhood Cancer Stories: The September Series

Two years ago I set about the task of writing Donna’s Cancer Story, a blog series devoted to my daughter’s cancer treatment.  After being diagnosed with papillary meningioma, an aggressive brain tumor, Donna had 31 months of treatment before she died on October 19, 2009. When I thought about how I could use my blog platform... Read more »


My son is four.  I’ve written about it before.  A few times, actually.  Four is just so damn amazing, surprising, joyful and funny.  Like hilarious funny.  Like Louis C.K. funny.  Capital “F” Funny. This week, driving in the car together, my boy, out of the blue, said, “I wish there was a medicine the doctor... Read more »

Feeding Your Adopted Infant

As a two time mom myself, I am grateful to have breastfed two babies.  For me, the experience was uncomplicated, fulfilling, empowering, lovely.  I wrote about it here in one of my favorite parenting posts ever.  Long story short, it’s hard to argue that breast is best.  Scientifically, it just is.  GO BREASTS!  GO LACTATION!... Read more »

Top 10 Worst Baby Names Ever

So you can’t scan the news these days without hearing about the court ordered name change of the baby named Messiah.  True story.  It just happened in Tennessee.  A couple could not agree on their new baby’s last name and opted to settle the matter in court.  Well, when the judge realized they had named... Read more »

Advice from Dads

Sarah's Dad
Today marks 80 years that my Dad has been on this here earth.  That is a good long time, especially considering I grew up hearing my Dad say, “Every day over 50 is gravy.”  This was a considered remark, as my Dad believed that by age 50, most folks had raised and educated their kids.... Read more »

Guest Post: Forgetting to Grieve

I am happy to feature the words of Kathy Mathews, a fellow grieving mom, as a guest poster.  Kathy is a blogger at ChicagoNow, and is approximately 5,327 times craftier than me.  You can find her words at Quilting! Sewing! Creating! here, or hang with her on Facebook here. I am grateful she is sharing her son... Read more »

Scott Simon Tweets About Death and I, For One, Am Grateful

As someone who writes about grief and death, I wish to express my deep gratitude to NPR’s Scott Simon for live tweeting from the bedside of his mother’s vigil.  Little did he know it, but Mr. Simon, and his mom, have started somewhat of a revolution. The thing is, we all have two things in... Read more »