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Homosexuality, Bullies, Discipline and Other Things Moms Don't Talk About

A few weeks ago I was sitting with some mom friends enjoying a late summer afternoon while our kids played nearby.  One of the moms said, “I need some mom advice.”  An opening like that is crack for a mom blogger. Stone cold mom blogger currency.  The stuff wet mom blogger dreams are made of.... Read more »

Princess Kate Giving Birth, Body Image, and Other Disasters in Celebrity Culture

I pretty much stayed out of the fray with the birth of the most recent royal.  I’m not a royalist or an Anglophile and after the death of Diana, well, my sole icon obsession is relegated to Irish Catholic political dynasties.  Can you say Kennedy or Daley?  I can, and often do. That said, my... Read more »

Guest Post: I Never Imagined I Would Be In the Same Situation As My Birth Mother

This is a guest post written by the Birth Mom who has chosen our family to adopt her baby.  We are beyond humbled.  The weight of the relationship we are embarking on, not just with a new baby, but with the mother and brother of the baby who will become part of our family, is... Read more »

If a Birthday Happens and No One Is There to Blow Out the Candles, Do You Still Celebrate?

So this is the question I ask myself every July.  And I’m not the only grieving parent that struggles with this question.  Many of us do.  July 20 is a hard day for me and my family.  I know this because as it gets closer I am prone to tears that come and go like... Read more »

Feminism, Abortion, Politics and Other Things Women Don't Talk About

I’m angry, so expect a bit of a rant with this one.  And if listening to an angry woman’s rant is not your cup of tea, well then, it’s probably time to get out of this here parlor.  Move along, little doggie.  There you go. Now that everyone who’s here wants to be here, let’s... Read more »

This Woman Is Not Allowed to Cry

This is a photo, a mug shot to be precise, of Helen Ford.  I don’t know much about Helen Ford and the first I heard of her was yesterday.  Helen was arrested and charged for the murder of her eight year old granddaughter. The little girl’s name was Gizzell.  Remember that name, because chances are,... Read more »

Coming Out of the Closet II: Donna's Things

Closets are very personal spaces.  Even anonymous ones, like hotel closets — cool and spare, empty as they are, offer glimpses of passing guests after adding their clothes and shoes.  We know something about the person behind those clothes and shoes just by looking at them. Donna’s closet is the same.  As I look through... Read more »

Coming Out of the Closet

It’s time.  My daughter’s closet needs to be cleared.  In October, my daughter, the beautiful Donna, will have been gone from our home for four years.  Four years.  Those years have somehow mysteriously inched and sped by simultaneously.  By next January, Donna will have been dead more than she was alive.  I shake my head,... Read more »

My Mama Martyr Moment

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re acting like a complete and total martyr and are powerless to stop yourself?  You know what I mean — the mother martry — the worst kind.  I shudder at the thought, but I think all us moms have them at times.  I think it’s best... Read more »