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When Marriage Works

I am tempting the fates by writing this post, I feel it.  Maybe tomorrow I will come home to Mary Tyler Dad and his mistress stretched out across my favorite bedding found at a trunk show in Soho and purchased for next to nothing. Maybe he will start to send flowers for no known reason.... Read more »

The No Hit, No Kick Club

When Mary Tyler Son turned four something else turned, too, and not for the best.  The sweetest, gentlest, dinosaur loving, Greek myth reading, little boy became . . . how do I put this gently . . . aggressive.  AGGRESSIVE.  Hitting, kicking, in your face aggressive.  Unpleasantly so, too.  I checked the warranty, but it... Read more »

A Letter to the Moms of Newtown on Mother's Day

Your kids have not been forgotten.  I think about you and them most every day.  December 14 will always hold a new significance for me and so many others.  The day that changed your life forever, making it at times seem unrecognizable, no doubt, has in some small way touched me, too.  I am so... Read more »

Iron Man Has Nothing on This Iron Woman

Today is a good day for Robert Downey, Jr. fans.  Iron Man 3 opens.  That’s cool, right?  You get to see People’s Most Beautiful Woman play opposite my second ex-husband in what is sure to be an epic-ly cool special effects blockbuster.  But I know something cooler and someone cooler.  And she needs our help.... Read more »