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Guns in America: When Moms Get Mad

A few weeks ago I “liked” a Facebook page called “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.”  Some might call that “slacktivism,” but for me it is something more.  Seeing the page’s offerings in my news feed is educating me, informing me, encouraging me to do something.  This post right here?  It’s something I... Read more »

Dancing With Donna

Donna was a dancer.  She loved it and her weekly dance classes, started at age 3, were one of just a few opportunities she got to be just a kid.  I remember her first class like yesterday.  At the time classes started, Donna was not in any kind of active treatment.  She had had her... Read more »

Mr. Rogers and Tragedy: When the Neighborhood Isn't Always So Beautiful

Here Mr. Rogers is in all his glory -- zipper cardigan, loafers and sneakers, tie and all.  I always wanted to give him a hug.
I noticed yesterday, as the news was unfolding in Boston, that Mr. Rogers’ comforting face and words kept popping up in my social media feeds.  Like Newtown, just four months and a day before, we sought comfort in one of our most comfortable of childhood icons — Fred Rogers. Why is that, I wondered.  What... Read more »

Listen to Your Mother, Yo

In just a few weeks I’m gonna do something that makes me a wee bit nervous.  Imma take the stage at Chicago’s Athenaeum Theatre and read some words I wrote in front of a crowd of oh, you know, about a thousand folks.  BAH!  Actually, I kid.  I don’t feel too nervous about this.  Excited... Read more »

When Facebook Sucks

You a Sex and the City fan?  I was.  I always wanted to be a Carrie, but was instead a Charlotte, with a sprinkle of Miranda to cut the sweetness.  Being a Charlotte is a little bit like height — it just is and you can’t really change it.  I could dress like Samantha, but... Read more »

I Blame Andy Cohen for the Downfall of Humanity

This is Andy Cohen.  I am certain you know him, even if you don’t recognize him. A nice Midwestern boy who made it big in the Big Apple, he’s adorable, really.  And I’m certain he would make an excellent brunch date.  The thing is, Andy here is shaping America’s pop culture and pandering to the... Read more »

Musings of a New Soccer Mom

My boy has been going through a rough patch as of late.  He is the type of kid that when I tell folks that his behavior has been kind of, sort of challenging in the past few months they look at me like I have two heads. “Not Mary Tyler Son!  It’s not possible!”  Thing is,... Read more »

Lost and Found: Read This Post If You Need Your Faith Restored in Humanity

I lost my phone yesterday.  I sure did.  In the midst of an epic-ly bad afternoon (more on that tomorrow), I lost my phone.  Had it in my lap in the car and when I got out, that sucker just tumbled onto Lincoln Avenue.  I didn’t realize it at the time, of course.  I worried... Read more »

The Opposite of Schadenfreude

I first met Nikki of Moms Who Drink and Swear fame at a bar amongst a gathering of other ChicagoNow bloggers in the Spring of 2011.  I was with the gal that convinced me to move my blog there and she happened to work for another branch of the Tribune.  She had met Nikki a... Read more »