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Acorns in Cancerville

Yesterday marked six years since we moved to Cancerville, when our Donna was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain tumor, papillary meningioma. I write the name of the bastard because it is so neglected in the cancer world that there is no treatment for it.  I like to call it out by name. Yesterday... Read more »

Facebook is the New Valium

I remember it well.  In the kitchen cabinet above the radio lived our families’ orange prescription medicine bottles.  Valium being one of them.  My Mom’s Valium.  Even as a young girl, I knew that it was a difficult day if my Mom took a Valium.  It wasn’t a regular thing, thank goodness, but I just... Read more »

My Co-Dependent Relationship with Mother Nature

“Unhealthy dependencies and repressed anger could be just a few red flags that you are co-dependent on someone.” WebMD “Of or relating to a relationship in which one person is psychologically dependent in an unhealthy way on someone who is addicted to a drug or self-destructive behavior [read:  rain, cold, snow for prolonged periods of time], such... Read more »

Winter in the Park

Sno fires, Sno barbequing!
Choosing hope is my mantra, my life code.  Some days it’s easy.  Some days it’s hard.  Sometimes those hard days stretch into weeks and months. I’ve been feeling blue, depressed, defeated for a while now.  I function, but without a lot of joy.  These are the days when I need to try harder. In that... Read more »

Screen Break Week: Day Two

So I’m sitting here with Mary Tyler Dad, dueling computers at the dining room table, and I says, “So was this whole Screen Break Week my idea or your idea?”  And he says to me, “The school’s idea, right?  Aren’t they pushing it?”  Well, if by “pushing it” you mean leaving a little pamphlet in... Read more »

Donna Day 2013: Bloggers Unite

The saying is that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  Donna Day 2013 proved that right.  There were 50 bloggers ROARING loudly about pediatric cancer and St. Baldrick’s yesterday.  One blogger’s voice and keyboard can be a powerful tool, but 50 collective voices and keyboards?  I think Walt Whitman said... Read more »

Donna Day Is Here! Hooray!

This is just one of dozens of Donna Day posts published by bloggers across America today, March 1, 2013, all in support of raising $ and awareness for the good work of St. Baldrick’s, and the goal of conquering kids cancer.  I am humbled, overwhelmed, honored by the generosity of the blogging community that has... Read more »