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An Open Letter to WGN's Mark Suppelsa

You aired what you referred to as an “investigative” report on WGN last night regarding the misuse of State funds from the income tax check off boxes.  We use the quotes because it is hard to think of matters that occurred two years ago and were previously reported on as investigative journalism. As two moms... Read more »

Handkerchiefs and Whisks and Chicken and Marriage

If you are young and in love, don’t read this post.  Seriously.  Don’t read this. You won’t get it.  The words will all sort of flow together, or look like Mandarin or Sanskrit or something.  They will disillusion you and make no sense whatsoever.  Go grab an US Magazine and call it a day.  I... Read more »

Oscar Pistorius and Lance Armstrong: When Our Heroes Are Dopers, Cheats, Liars, and Murderers

My boy is only four and when I asked him today what a hero was he said a person who had been bitten by a bug.  Oh, or bat, “Don’t forget the bat, Mama!”  Huh?  It took another minute of conversation before I realized that Mary Tyler Son’s concept of hero does not extend past super... Read more »

Internet Hate: What You Don't Know Might Hurt Me

Yesterday, I called “Uncle.”  I was done.  Over.  Wounded.  A tearful, salty mess on Valentine’s Day, when I thought I was long past those days.  It wasn’t my husband or long lost secret crush that brought me to that place, but strangers.  Yep, freaking strangers on the Internet. I know, someone call the wahmbulance.  Mary... Read more »

Selling Pantyhose and Other Indignities of Life

My first job after college was selling pantyhose for Carson Pirie Scott at the River Oaks Mall in Calumet City, Illinois.  I was crushed.  Selling pantyhose was not what I had signed up for.  I had a degree, yo!  I had done everything I was supposed to do, yo!  I was better than this, yo!... Read more »

Angels and Warriors and Cancer, Oh My

Having a child die before you is not easy.  Everyone can agree on that.  It is universal knowledge that parents are supposed to die first — sometimes too soon, but they still die first.  Then the kids.  Sadly, it doesn’t always work out that way.  Sometimes children die before their parents.  It sucks, but it... Read more »

Groundhog Parenting

I have been parenting for eight years now, but only have one four year old. In essence, my husband and I have parented two kids, back to back, at four year intervals.  ‘Groundhog parenting’ is how I have come to think of it. Thanks, Cancer!  The beast that keeps on giving.  Sigh. It’s hard to... Read more »

The Clunky Boots of Life and Other Mid-Winter Blues

I live in Chicago.  Chicago in February is not the easiest place to live. Despite global warming (and if you don’t believe in global warming, are you sure I am the right blogger for you?), February in Chicago is messy — the cold, gray, slushy kind of messy.  The bitter, sad, will it ever end... Read more »