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The Sorority of Moms: Kappa Alpha Towla

I was not in a sorority in college.  Never missed it, either, as I was, how can I say this kindly?  Um, sheltered?  Uptight?  Yeah, uptight is probably more accurate.  I also had the self-confidence of a Judy Blume tween character with acne and a back brace for scoliosis.  Oh wait.  I didn’t have acne,... Read more »

Going Home

I spent the morning at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago yesterday.  Many folks think kid’s hospitals are sad, sad places.  I don’t.  To me, they feel like home.  I feel comfortable in them, even ones I haven’t been in before.  Maybe its because I worked in health care for a lot of years.  Maybe it’s... Read more »

Best of 2012: Happy Birthday, Mary Tyler Mom!

Two Januarys ago I started Mary Tyler Mom.  I had just returned to work after four years of being at home after moving to Cancerville.  I was adamant that I would not be writing about cancer or grief with Mary Tyler Mom.  My vision, if you will (as all good blogs start with a vision... Read more »

Angels and Automatics: Lessons from Newtown

I haven’t stopped thinking about Newtown and all that was lost thirty-two days ago.  For a moment, America was shocked.  We shed collective tears for all those young lives lost.  We felt our vulnerability and it hurt.  It hurt like hell.  But like most metaphorical wounds, it healed, or has at least scabbed over.  We’ve... Read more »

The Hole in the Middle of the Bed

I was just tucking Mary Tyler Son into bed for the night when he asked me to make a circle in his bed.  “What do you mean, a circle?,” I asked.  “Well, there is a circle in my bed and in the middle of the night I fall through the circle out of my bed... Read more »

How to Change a Tire and Other Lessons of Marriage

Well yesterday was quite the morning.  About four blocks from home, on the way to drive my boy to school, a flashing red panel came up on the dash board.  Looks like the rear passenger tire had a pressure reading of 6.  Um.  This could not be good, but I was a mom late for... Read more »

Four Lessons From My Four Year Olds

This week my son turned four.  This made him immeasurably happy, despite the touch of angst about his impending age change.  The night before his birthday, he could not fall asleep.  Initially, I thought that was about excitement over gifts, gifts, gifts!  Cause, you know, it had been a full WEEK since he had opened... Read more »