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Cancer Mom v. Mom

Yesterday night I opened up the old gmail account and saw a new email from HuffPost Live marked “time sensitive.”  Well I opened that pup right up, curious what was going on.  I had pitched myself as a pediatric cancer advocate to them in September, thinking that might be a good time to do a... Read more »

A Walk in the Woods: Finding the Teachable Moment

It was a beautiful day in Chicago — warm, bright, white blooming clouds in a brilliant blue sky.  I had seen the forecast, so promised Mary Tyler Son a morning at the local nature center.  Gratefully, the weather man was right, so off we went. A perfect picture, right?  Yeah, a bit too perfect.  It... Read more »

Breast Cancer Awareness: A Wife, A Husband, A Camera

About a year ago a friend posted a link to a Facebook page called, “My Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer.”  I was intrigued, clicked on the link, and then was transported into the most beautiful love affair.  Angelo Merendino was using his camera to document his wife’s breast cancer treatment.  He was doing with photos... Read more »

Governor Romney, Hope Matters

Let me preface this post by assuring you it is not a political entry, despite being inspired by the words of the current Republican presidential candidate.  I fully realize that the context of Governor Romney’s words pertained to his issues with President Obama’s stance on Mid East turmoil.  I am not writing about Mid East turmoil, or... Read more »

PTSD Post Cancer

After four hours in an ER yesterday, we got the diagnosis of flat feet for Mary Tyler Son.  Hallelujah! I had started noticing a slight limp about ten days ago.  Mary Tyler Dad didn’t see it.  My brain is hard wired for fear, so I tried not to worry.  When it started, it was more like a slapping... Read more »