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Prince in Chicago: Date Night with Royalty

Chicago is segregated.  True story. There is tremendous diversity within the city, but more often than not, those diverse peoples don’t mix.  As Mary Tyler Dad and I walked into the United Center last Wednesday night, one of the things we were both struck by was how amazingly, wonderfully diverse the Prince audience was. Gay,... Read more »

Strange(r) Encounters: Listen and Learn Edition

September is hard for me, draining.  Childhood Cancer Awareness Month starts out strong, but by the end, as it nears, I am tired.  And a little bit like an overexposed nerve, raw and vulnerable.  I thought this year would be easier, as I am not writing about Donna’s cancer, just cutting and pasting for new... Read more »

The Smoothie that Rhodas Built

This week I pulled the proverbial trigger and bought a Vitamix Blender.  $449 worth of Cleveland made, American ingenuity and horse power.  $449 is crazy.  Capital C Crazy.  The economy is in the tanker, so what was I thinking crazy.  C-R-A-Z-Y. Thing is, I love it.  Capital L Love it.  Brought it home yesterday and... Read more »

Strange(r) Encounters: STFU Edition

This week has been a banner week for strangers telling me what I did wrong during Donna’s cancer treatment. Before I go any further, though, let me preface this entire post with the very real fact that Mary Tyler Dad and I have no regrets about the choices we made.  Got that?  NO REGRETS.  That... Read more »

Donna's Cancer Story: Why You Should Share It

Today is Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, smack dab in the middle of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Not writing this year, I feel a little bit like I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs, waiting.  But what am I waiting for?  What do I expect to happen?  I don’t know honestly.  Is it Matt Lauer calling to... Read more »

Donna's Cancer Story: One Year Later

I feel a little bit like I am walking on air this September, weightless, unanchored. For the first time since 2006, I am neither living through nor writing about our time in Cancerville.  This year I am simply cutting and pasting.  Literally, cutting and pasting, moving the daily installments of Donna’s Cancer Story from this... Read more »

Chicago Teachers Strike: What Happened to the 'City That Works'?

Chicago teachers strike. I was watching the news last night and was ashamed of my City.  In the midst of what is obviously a heated situation, I saw Karen Lewis yell at reporters and chide one who dared to bump her with a microphone.  I saw Mayor Emanuel, the candidate that got my vote, face... Read more »

Radiothon: Being THAT Family

For years I have listened to Eric and Kathy’s annual 36 hour Radiothon to raise much needed funds for Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.  I am ashamed to say that I never once made a donation.  I would listen to the stories of the children treated at Children’s Memorial Hospital, now Lurie Children’s Hospital of... Read more »