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My Gwynnie Epiphany

Gwyneth Paltrow and I have a history together on this here Internet. Basically, I’m not a fan, as I’ve detailed publicly on two very well-received occasions. Her acting is inoffensive, often pleasant.  It’s the other stuff — the cookbooks and GOOP and her singing and hanging with Beyonce and Jay-Z that get to me.  If... Read more »

Living Out Loud: The Underside of Blogging

I have been blogging regularly for over five years now.  Donna’s cancer brought me to the keyboard and I have simply never left.  For a person who is not religious, busy, and ‘taking a break’ from the clinical social work I am trained to do, the human connection the Internet affords me is invaluable —... Read more »

Adoption 101: Final Exam

The response to our adoption story has been completely unexpected and surprising to Mary Tyler Dad and I.  Over 30K page views for MTM posts in just three days.  We are grateful for the support and encouragement, welcome the questions, and understand some of the criticism that has come our way.  And this, my friends,... Read more »

Adoption 101: The Visit Ends

There we were, clinging to one another in the Wal-Mart — our own little islands of calm and sanity.  Birth mom requested a different cell phone and given that it wasn’t significantly more expensive, Mary Tyler Dad went through the exchange while we shopped for some food. Think about food without a kitchen to prepare... Read more »

Adoption 101: The Visit Begins

Our visit was fast approaching.  The comfort of knowing the birth family had met with their attorney was tempered by the news that our attorney would not be granted a meeting with them before our visit.  When you’re new to adoption, you rely on those advisors you surround yourself with, hoping you made the right... Read more »

Adoption 101: A Tutorial in Heartbreak

So Mary Tyler Dad and I are adopting.  Yes, we surely are!  I’ve been keeping it on the down low, so this is our official “coming out,” if you will.  We are excited, nervous, tentative, joyful — a lot like we were at the prospect of the birth of our two gorgeous kids.  But now,... Read more »