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The Humility of Parenting

Mary Tyler Son is sick.  High fever, violent vomit out the nose sick.  Poor kid. I felt under the weather Saturday afternoon and evening, but woke up Sunday fresh as pie.  Mary Tyler Son, though, was cranky, contrary, and kind of a pill all morning.  It’s easy to get pulled into that, asking him, “What... Read more »

What's a Parent To Do?: Watch 'Modern Family' and Learn

‘Modern Family’ captures and holds my attention like few sitcoms.  Part of it is its humor.  Part of it is Phil Dunphy (so sweet, so cute).  Part of it is how they tackle current parenting issues with wit and aplomb. My own family looks nothing like the Pritchetts.  I don’t have a hot Columbian step-mother;... Read more »

How Cancer Still &%@$# With Me

Twice since my daughter died have I been convinced that Mary Tyler Son had a brain tumor.  The first time was last April when four days in a row he woke up complaining of a headache.  Headaches, but specifically morning headaches, are one of the primary symptoms of pediatric brain tumors.  I didn’t know that... Read more »

The Good Enough Mother

I’ve been stewing about this post for months.  MONTHS, people.  I wanted it to be perfect:  Clear.  Concise.  Informative.  Witty.  Earnest.  Knowing.  Comforting.  Wise. Bah! My need for perfection is so completely counterproductive to this discussion and a direct slap in the face of my intent, but it took me until just this second to realize that.  What can I... Read more »

It's Hammer(pants) Time: My MC Debut

On May 27th, Imma be doing my very first MC engagement. For a gal like me, who is essentially a wallflower that blooms on the Internet, this is kind of a big deal.  When I was first asked, I nearly spit out my Coca Cola, as it was phrased along the lines of, “would you... Read more »

The Other Side of the Mother's Day Coin

Mother’s Day is Sunday.  Sigh.  For me, Mother’s Day is like Valentine’s Day for the broken hearted, Christmas and Thanksgiving without family, and New Year’s Eve at home alone.  All on the same day.  You know those holidays manufactured to make you feel badly?  Yeah, that’s Mother’s Day at my home.  No need to play your... Read more »

Mary Tyler Mom Goes to Springfield

Photos by Kristen Schmid, courtesy of the University of Chicago Medicine I’m a reformed political junkie.  Vice President of the College Democrats, yo, class of 1991.  We won’t talk about the fact that my boyfriend was a College Republican.  Somewhere along the line, I lost the faith.  Politics don’t move me the way they used to and... Read more »