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Leap Year, Sex After Kids and Other Rare Phenomenon

Today is a phenomenon of time and space — Leap Year.  A day is conjured out of thin air and all agree to acknowledge it and accept that, sure, okay, today can happen.  We’ll agree to say it is February 29 instead of March 1.  Everybody good with that?  Okay! This got me thinking about the idea of... Read more »

My Life As an Idiot

So three year old Mary Tyler Son said to me yesterday morning, “You don’t know a lot of stuff, Mom, do you?”  What the what?  Oh no, he didn’t. Oh, yes, he did. We were working on a five layer body puzzle and as we were moving from muscles to the under layer of organs, Mary... Read more »

Toddler Ten Commandments

These Toddler Ten Commandments were handed down generations ago, written, scribbled actually, on the underside of cereal boxes with crayons. Anthropologists recently unearthed, from landfills miles deep in petroleum fortified disposable diapers, these Toddler Commandments and are currently verifying their providence.  True story. 1.  Thou shalt not do anything asked of you only once.  Repeating... Read more »

Happy Donna Day! It's a Good Thing!

This is one of dozens of blog posts that will be published today, Valentine’s Day, to raise awareness for St. Baldrick’s, the largest private funder of research for pediatric cancer.  All of these posts honor Donna, Good Things inspired by her, and were written by some of the most amazing people I have the privilege... Read more »

Clueless on Curves: Fashion Should Dress the Woman, Not Denigrate Her

Clueless on Curves: Fashion Should Dress the Woman, Not Denigrate Her
Welcome to Mary Tyler Mom’s first guest blog post!  My pal Andy has something important to say.  Really important.  If you love it as much as I do, share the love.  Enjoy!    “Adele ‘too fat’ says Wrinkly Old Queen with Ponytail.” That’s how the headline should have read. But instead, news being news, the headline stated the... Read more »

Super Nanny Where Are You? The Reverse Time-Out

Time-outs are not a common thing in our home, but they happen.  Mary Tyler Son just turned three years old and every once in a while that adorable angel, the fruit of our marital love, acts the fool.  Yes.  It happens. We follow a fairly standard time-out routine.  Having just turned three, Mary Tyler Son is now doled out... Read more »


Nice is my favorite four letter word.  I value nice.  My Mom taught all her children to be nice.  Whether we practice it is up for debate, but I try.  I wish there was more nice in the world.  Actually, there is a small, beautiful city named Nice in the south of France.  I’ve been... Read more »