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Happy Birthday, Mary Tyler Mom!

This month, Mary Tyler Mom celebrates her first birthday.  This makes me happy. When I went back to work after a four year hiatus last winter, I took that return to normalcy as an opportunity to write about something other than grief and sadness.  A blog was born.  Mary Tyler Mom got her name from one... Read more »

Sr. Iphielya: Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

The photo above, my dear Sr. Iphielya, is not an image I poached off the internet.  She is my aunt, Mary Cecile, or to me and my siblings, Sr. Michael.  Today, Sr. Iphielya is going to take a break, as Sr. Michael is the star of this particular show.  Humor me as I honor a... Read more »

Ode to a Pot Named Crock

It’s January, and that means the crock pot is my new bff.  This is from the archives, folks, but too good to let it stay dusty.  Enjoy! When I left my career to care for our daughter, not cooking was not an issue.  We were blessed with faithful and talented houseguests who kept our fridge and... Read more »

Social Media 101: My Barbie Mea Culpa

Five days ago I wrote a post about the bald Barbie facebook page that had been crossing my feed quite a bit in the two weeks prior to that.  As the mom of a girl who died of cancer, lots of folks assumed I would be interested. That was a safe assumption.  Receiving those posts... Read more »

Barbie v. Cancer

Bald Barbie is running rampant over my social media feeds this new year. A movement is afoot to strong arm Mattel into mass producing their signature tart, Barbie, into a bald symbol of beauty for little girls with cancer and other health conditions that make their hair fall out feel “accepted and beautiful.” “Mattel should... Read more »

Outsourcing the Birthday Party

  I throw my arms up in the air sometimes singing, “ayo, I need a break-o!” This is one of those times.  Mary Tyler Son has a New Year’s birthday.  January 2 to be exact.  It kind of sucks.  The holidays are hard on families that are missing a child.  There is all this call... Read more »

Why do I need The Bachelor when I already have a husband?

There are certain things about myself that I share on this here internet, that perhaps would be best kept to myself.  Through Mary Tyler Mom, you know that I have a cleaning lady, you know that Mary Tyler Son is named after Chicago’s Mayor Daley, and (sorry for this one), you know about my trampoline... Read more »