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Style v. Substance: A division of labor that works

I’ve been asked more than a few times these past few days, “Are you cooking for Thanksgiving?”  Answering that questions stumps me.  Well, “we” are cooking, but no, the primary responsibility of feeding a roomful of family is not mine.  That would fall to Mary Tyler Dad.  And trust me when I say my family... Read more »

Confessions of a Latchkey Kid

An archive post.  Feeling thankful this week and missing my Mom.  Enjoy.    I am the product of a working mother.  Yes, it’s true.  I was seven when my Mom started working and I wore a gold key on a red and yellow lanyard, tucked inside my parochial school uniform.  I couldn’t actually unlock the door, so a... Read more »

Thanksgiving: Wherefore art thou?

  I’m cranky.  (Ha!  The seed of all great blog posts.)  Yes, Imma cranky.  Next week is Thanksgiving.  You remember Thanksgiving, don’t you?  That most bountiful of holidays sandwiched in between the  more commercial blockbusters of Halloween and Christmas.  It seems to have left the building these days.  Last night Mary Tyler Son and I were... Read more »

The Freshman 15 Grows Up: The Miscarriage 20

So my friend and fellow blogger Real Mom Nutrition posted this week about her “Freshman 15.”  It was a good post, kind of a weight gain memory lane, and brought me back to the days when I worried about things like five extra pounds and wondering if I should switch to skim milk (I did and... Read more »

Happy Bill Kurtis Day, Chicago!

Today, for the record, is Bill Kurtis Day in Chicago.  If you’re like me and spent your childhood here, Mr. Kurtis, which is what I called him when I met him, is an honest to God Chicago icon.  Unlike New York and LA, our celebrities come from politics and local news stations.  I like that about Chicago.... Read more »

It's 5PM. Have you screwed up your kid yet today?

One of my facebook friends posted an Onion article today with the headline, “Study Finds Every Style of Parenting Produces Disturbed, Miserable Adults.”  I love The Onion on many levels, but mostly because what makes me laugh about their articles are the painful truths they contain.  It is these hard, cold truth that cause my discomfort when I can’t... Read more »