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If you're working, be happy.

I read an article earlier this week in the Chicago Tribune about single workers whining about doing more work while their colleagues with kids flit around the work place, shirking their responsibilities.  It rubbed me the wrong way on a whole lot of levels.  Read it for yourself and tell me what you think.  Back... Read more »

I Don't Want to be a Rockstar Anymore

Traveling with a toddler is an interesting way to speand a weekend.  Quite honestly, Mary Tyler Son is a champion airplane traveler.  When you prep him right so he knows what is happening when, and you’ve got chewy treats for the take-off and landing, and he has access to his favorite books and toys, he... Read more »

"Kraft och Omtanke" to You

Since posting Donna’s Cancer Story, I have been contacted by hundreds upon hundreds of readers who have been moved, influenced, inspired by our girl.  This has honestly been one of the most humbling experiences I have known.  And, damn, if I’m not gonna need six months to respond to everyone, but I will.  One reader,... Read more »

Oh, Gwyneth, My Gwyneth

Another archive hit from Mary Tyler Mom.  And if you’ve read Donna’s Cancer Story, now you know why I feel a moral superiority to Ms. Paltrow.  Hope you enjoy! Last week I wrote about the cruelty of mothering and working, the judgment that goes on, the thanklessness of it all.  This week?  Sorry, but I’ve... Read more »

The Apple of my Eye

I am really sad tonight.  There are tears spilling for someone I greatly respected, relied upon daily, and who brought me immeasurable joy.   Ironically, I never knew or met this person.   Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, visionary, and revolutionary died today.  Of cancer.  I hate that beast. My grief, and yes, folks, it is grief, is disproportionate, of course.  Those... Read more »

Hell to the No

This post originally appeared on my tumblr site.  For the next week (while I sit on my bum and eat Doritos) I will run some of my favorite Mary Tyler Mom posts of yore written before moving to my shiny new digs at ChicagoNow in April 2011.  I hope you enjoy them.  I think they’re awesome,... Read more »

Donna's Cancer Story: Live Chat!

Welcome to the Donna’s Cancer Story live chat. I got my Coke, I got my keyboard. All I need are your comments and questions!

Donna's Cancer Story: How to Help

Yesterday’s post, the last of thirty-one installments of Donna’s Cancer Story, was titled, The End, but when I shared it on facebook, I wrote, “The End is not the ending.”  The End was the end of Donna’s Cancer Story, but, clearly, not the end of Donna’s story, because here you are.      In the midst... Read more »

Donna's Cancer Story: The End

This is the thirty-first of thirty-one installments of Donna’s Cancer Story, which will appear daily in serial format through the month of September to recognize Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Each post will cover one month of Donna’s thirty-one months of treatment.      There are no photos of Donna today, as there is no Donna today. ... Read more »