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Gold Is the New Pink

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Most of you probably, blessedly, don’t know that.  Its color is gold, just like breast cancer’s color is pink.  For my family, every month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  This was cemented in March 2007 when my 20 month old daughter, Donna Lu, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor, papillary meningioma.  Donna was in... Read more »

Part-time vs. Full-time: Game On

I met a new gal recently who, when she learned I worked part-time, said, “Oh, isn’t that cute?”  What the what?  Oh no she didn’t.  Oh yes, she did.  Words rarely fail me, but in that moment, they did.  My recollection is that I smiled on the outside and seethed on the inside.  I’ve been... Read more »

Jack Layton is my new hero.

I had never heard of Jack Layton before this morning.  Turns out, he was kind of a big deal.  And certainly the real deal.  Jack Layton was a Canadian pol and leader of the Official Opposition and the New Democratic Party.  But this is not a civics lesson, folks.  This morning, after his death had... Read more »

Can Jon Stewart do better?

Let me preface my rant with this disclaimer:  Jon Stewart is the bomb.  For reals.  I love and respect what he does and think what he produces is genius.  That said, his broadcast on 8.11.2011 with his rant on Megyn Kelly’s maternity leave could have been better.  Here is a link to the clip, “Lactate Intolerance”: Fox... Read more »

My kid loves my poop.

Parenting is a humbling enterprise. Daily you get reminders of what you’re bad at, where you fail, what your limitations are, and, if you parent with someone, what your spouse or co-parent does better than you. Then there are the reminders from your kids that their whole lives depend on you. You. Wow. If that... Read more »

Got Milk?

We are smack dab in the middle of World Breastfeeding Week.  I only know this because a fellow mommy blogger friend (Little Kids, Big City) wrote about it this morning.  You can read her words here.  I liked learning about her experiences.  It reminded me of some of my own nursing days and made me feel... Read more »