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Don't Hate Me Because I Have a Cleaning Lady.

It’s true, my clean little secret, if you will.  My name is Mary Tyler Mom and I have a cleaning lady.  “Hi, Mary Tyler Mom!”  I blame my mother-in-law.  This dear lady, on the day of my mother’s funeral, gifted me six months of bi-weekly cleaning services.  I was five months pregnant and tired after... Read more »

My wish for mothers, everywhere.

I’ve two words for you, ladies:  Business.  Travel.  If I could do anything for mothers everywhere, it would be to grant them all a twice annual business trip.  Just overnight, and nothing fancy, but time away from home and hearth.  It would soothe your tired soul and rest your weary bones.  It would restore your... Read more »

Truth or Dare? I pick truth.

I started blogging way back in March of 2007, three days after my dear daughter was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor, and have been at it ever since.  Writing became a lifeline for Mr. Mary Tyler Mom and I, an almost daily, or more often nightly, ritual that helped us make sense of the hell... Read more »

I'm Calling in Mom, taking a Mom Day.

Mary Tyler Son now hates Tuesdays.  Tuesdays are the day he goes to be with his “Auntie,” a/k/a babysitter.  It wasn’t always this way.  Why, I remember a time in the not too distant past where Mary Tyler Son barely batted an eyelash when I went off to the salt mines.  Not so much anymore... Read more »

15 Minute Meals: Desperate Edition

I work, I mother, I’m a working mother.  Mr. Mary Tyler Mom works, too, and longer hours.  What that means is that I’m still responsible for dinner.  Doesn’t matter if I left the house at 7am and got back at 5pm.  Doesn’t matter that when Mary Tyler Son sees me at the end of a... Read more »

Toilet Seats: Good Gift or Not?

I screwed up.  For reals.  On Father’s Day I gifted the best father I know, Mr. Mary Tyler Mom, a toilet seat.  Shame on me.  Were I to post some sort of defense, I might take this approach: We needed one.  Desperately.  Mr. Mary Tyler Mom is the one who made it so we needed... Read more »

Communal Vacations: Not Just for Hippies Anymore.

So I got back from vacation this weekend with Mr. Mary Tyler Mom and Mary Tyler Son.  Oh yeah, and three other families who happen not to be related to one another.  Communal vacation, yo!  They’re not just for hippies anymore! Mr. Mary Tyler Mom is much more of an upstanding citizen than myself.  He actually... Read more »