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Welcome to the new ChicagoNow, welcome to my own private Idaho.

If you are reading this, it means that I did something right.  It also means that you did something right, too, as my stuff is the shizz.  But trust me when I say I do not know what in the hell I am doing.  Good Lord, when did writing a blog about mothering turn into... Read more »

Do Not Underestimate a Determined Mother.

I need a pedicure.  Desperately.  And tomorrow I’m going to the beach.  So there will be toe nail polish.  Oh, and this is something that I don’t do for myself.  This is something I like to contract out.  Yeah, I need this pedicure and I will have it.  Do not underestimate a determined mother. I... Read more »

So Independent. So Smart. So Freaking Helpless.

This is a confessional, ladies, so prepare yourselves for some shameful admissions.  I am a smart cookie.  I know my way around a book.  I have opinions about important things that I share freely.  I love to debate and I can support my arguments with the best of them.  I am tough as nails.  I’ve... Read more »

When Mom is Sick. Cough. Sniffle. Repeat.

Mary Tyler Mom has seen better days, folks.  No joke.  I feel like hell.  This is day 11 of feeling like hell.  This hell, though, is better than last week’s hell where, technically speaking, I felt like I had moved to hell’s basement, was handed a shovel by Satan himself, and told to start digging. ... Read more »

Who Knew Car Seats Could Be So Naughty?

Mr. Mary Tyler Mom spoils me.  Next month I will have been a mom for six years and not once in that time have I installed or removed a car seat.  Or clipped a child’s toe or finger nail.  Don’t hate me, haters.  I love my kids and my man loves me.  He takes care... Read more »

Mary Tyler Mom is on facebook. Like me. Now.

I am what some may refer to as “technically challenged.”  Yeah.  It is what it is.  That said, I finally gots my act together and made a facebook page for Mary Tyler Mom.  Go there now.  Like it.  Like me.  Read me.  I will be eternally grateful.  So much so that I may even bake... Read more »