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Potty Training for Mommy

Let me apologize in advance for the blatant use of TMI to create this post.  After last night’s meet-up with fellow mommy bloggers, I knew these words had to be written, that I had an obligation to mothers everywhere, and to share I must.  Forgive me my incontinence.  A couple few weeks ago we were... Read more »

WTF: Required reading for the toddler parent.

This book is not even published and I already love it: Admit it.  You’ve had this thought before.  More than you may choose to admit.  Embrace it, I say.  Revel in the liberation of wailing loudly (inside your head of course – – it’s just rude to curse at a toddler, yo), GO THE FUCK... Read more »

Shoes as a metaphor for pretty.   A friend sent me a link to these shoes this week with the caption, “These were made for you!”  Sigh.  She got the tense right, “were” made for me.  I have a thing for pretty and vintage pretty?  Forget about it.  Love it.  1958-1963 pretty?  Adore it.  But when I opened the link... Read more »

Mother Nature is in menopause.

I wish I could take credit for that line, as it is surely genius, but alas, I cannot.  The credit goes to my Philly transplant friend, Anne.  How cruel Chicago must seem to a gal that moved to Chicago in January, and now is still stuck in stubborn winter’s last grip.  Sigh. I don’t know about you, but... Read more »

Mayor Daley is my hero.

You’ve got to really like someone to name your kid after them.  I mean, it’s kind of a big deal to bestow that particular honor.  Mary Tyler Son is named after our soon to be retiring Mayor.  Not Richard, that’s too obvious.  And not Dick, that’s just mean – – I love my boy.  Mary... Read more »

To think I could have gone to Baltimore.

So when you work and parent with another parent, compromise is KING.  I happen to parent with the love of my life, Mr. Mary Tyler Mom.  I am lucky in that regard.  He is the best and most of the time I think much more qualified than myself in certain parenting skills:  patience, laid backedness,... Read more »

Mary Tyler Mom moves to the Big City.

I’m a waffler.  It annoys the hell out of me, my husband (Mr.Mary Tyler Mom) and no doubt, someday it will annoy my son, too (Mary Tyler Son).  But as Donald Rumsfeld says, It is what it is.  I waffle.  Don’t confuse that with cooking waffles.  I don’t cook waffles.  I simply waffle. In December... Read more »