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Cubs vs. Nationals Game Five: If the Cubs lose will it really be my fault?

All of the pent-up excitement of the Cubs monumental 2016 Series Championship continues to pump up adrenalin in the 2017 season. Fans have kept up the faith with their eyes on a Glorious Repeat even when a setback or two cast a slight shadow on the possibility. No worries. Hope was never dismissed and visions... Read more »

Will Dearly Departed Cubs Fans get to sing at the Old Ballpark?

More marketing advice to the Cubs a.k.a. The Ricketts Family (owners of the Cubs franchise). This time I am focusing on all of the future Dearly Departed Cubs Fans. Yep – it’s inevitable. Now, since many in this demographic FOR DECADES PRIOR have expressed their dire wish, “Please God, let me see the Cubs win... Read more »

2016 World Series Baby Boomers are arriving and the Cubs should step up to the plate

Since some precious new Cubs fans are being born and other Cubs fans are undoubtedly “passing”, I am proposing additional marketing and PR ideas for The Ricketts, venerable owners of the Cubs franchise.. MY IDEAS RE: THE “WORLD SERIES NEWBORNS” Lo and behold, there happens to be a surge of newborns not coincidentally nine months... Read more »

Confessions of a Fake Golfer

Love the “spectator sports” …you know, whether you are in the stands, at the bar, or on the couch – all you have to do is watch/eat/drink/cheer/boo. Totally entertaining. However, PARTICIPATING in a sport can, of course, be an enjoyable challenge. Depending. Since my aging body parts can no longer endure the rigors of skiing, tennis, and the like – GOLF seems to be a realistic option. And more so, since we are escaping Chicago winters in Florida – we can now play year-round. Ideal choice. Some thoughts on the game of golf... GOLF IS AGE-FRIENDLY. Unlike other sports, you can play into your 80’s +. Perfect. [caption id="attachment_1461" align="aligncenter" width="297"]Obviously a sport that's good for years to come Obviously a sport that's good for years to come[/caption] BEAUTIFUL SETTINGS. Play in peace and tranquility in a natural setting. You can enjoy scenic vistas. I once went to the world-famous Pebble Beach Golf Course in California. I didn’t play there, but the view of the rolling greens and ocean from the BAR was breathtaking. (I recommend the strawberry Margarita.) REAL GOLF HAS RIDICULOUS RULES. The REAL GOLFER'S "bible" is called the PGA Rule Book,which elaborates on the following: • There are 34 major rules of golf • There are more than 100 sections and sub-sections to these rules • There are over 2000 explanatory decisions of these rules. HUH? The game of REAL GOLF probably has the most complicated rules of any sport. THE FAKE GOLF PHILOSOPHY. Well – I just say, “To hell with that, if I’m going to play this game – I will just play FAKE GOLF and I’ll make my own rules. Take the stress out of it, for God’s sake. No Score Keeping. I am totally against keeping score. What’s the point? And then you are supposed to COUNT not hitting the ball and swooshing the air as a stroke? I don’t think so. Good game or bad game? I judge the success of my game by how many balls I lose while playing 9 holes. (doubt that I would ever have the desire to play more than nine holes.) If I lose: • 1-4 balls = EXCELLENT GAME • 4-7 balls = AVERAGE GAME • Over 7 balls = TERRIBLE GAME - But who cares? Throwing the ball. I allow myself to pick up the ball and throw it on the fairway if it lands in a thick brush, on an incline, or just about any place that I don’t feel like hitting it from, including the dreaded sand trap. Don’t judge.
TIP: Even if you are not going to bother to keep score – you DO need to pick up a scorecard at the Pro-Shop. Because, on the golf score card there is an illustrated configuration of all the holes. If you are unfamiliar with the course, this can be extremely confusing. You really have no clue of the layout, otherwise. The consecutive holes go up, back, around, across the road and backtrack. Not user friendly.

No Bears Despair this year as Chicago still proudly flies the W

Football. Chicago Bears football. Deplorable. We are approaching week 12 – three quarters of the way into the 2016 Season and again our team, the once “Monsters of the Midway” have drained the die-hard fans of all but a teeny weeny, measly sliver of any hope to make it into the playoffs. Consequently, My Sports... Read more »

The warning: If you go to the World Series at Wrigley Field you could end up in the ER

The Chicago Cubs are playing in a World Series – first time since 1945 and hoping to win this time after a 108 year drought. Down in the series 3-2, but the city doesn’t stop believing. My jubilant Sports Guy is manic – but alas, there is a dark cloud surrounding his exuberance. Sigh. Apparently,... Read more »

Ricketts Family - About your new Hotel Zachary across from Wrigley Field ...we need to talk

Just read that the name of the hotel being constructed smack dab across from Wrigley Field will be called Hotel Zachary AND apparently WON’T have a “sports theme” of any kind!?! WRIGLEY HOTEL TO DOWNPLAY BASEBALL…No stuffed chairs in the lobby meant to look like baseballs or historic photos of Wrigley Field lining the walls…”... Read more »

Time-Travel to 1908 to see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series? No thank you.


Wrigleyville Alderman Tom Tunney and the Ricketts' Booze Debates are Absurd

Last Sunday, in Chicago, we are kicking off the annual Wells Street and Old Town Art Fairs with brunch at Orso’s on Wells. My Sports Guy is perusing sports news on his I-Pad over omelettes, when he starts relating the latest brouhaha involving the Ricketts (owners of the Chicago Cubs) and the Wrigleyville Alderman Tom... Read more »

Cubs Lose Double-Header to the Padres and Why I am Very Scared

Cubs Lose a Double-Header to the Padres…no big deal, right? But let me tell you why… I am scared. And let me also say this…as a true Cubs fan, I have been programmed to have LOW EXPECTATIONS – and therefore I am never too disappointed. Right? This mindset has worked for the masses (with few... Read more »