Will Dearly Departed Cubs Fans get to sing at the Old Ballpark?

More marketing advice to the Cubs a.k.a. The Ricketts Family (owners of the Cubs franchise). This time I am focusing on all of the future Dearly Departed Cubs Fans. Yep – it’s inevitable.

Now, since many in this demographic FOR DECADES PRIOR have expressed their dire wish,

“Please God, let me see the Cubs win a World Series before I die.” A lot of begging and pleading and deathbed negotiating for sure.

And finally last year, the All Merciful granted their wish. HALLELUJAH.

So now what? anything else? Is that all there is? I know that you can get the “Cubs Casket” but I’m guessing that there’s a market for something more dynamic.

OK - but again...not DYNAMIC

OK – but again…not DYNAMIC

I need to backtrack a little to explain how I arrived at my latest brilliant idea…

A week ago, My Sports Guy and I were at O’Hare airport, sitting in a bar (duh) waiting for our delayed flight.

Cubs game is on and a Cubs conversation ensued with Two Nice Out of Town Guys sitting next to us.

Nice Out of Town Guys: “Yeah, we were at the game last night – awesome.”

My Sports Guy: “Oh yeah? I was there too.” That was, of course followed by a total recap. “Contreras..blah blah blah, and so on…”

Nice Out of Town Guys: “This play and that play and Rizzo and yadda yadda…”
and then they said: “The Real HIGH POINT for us was when Harry Caray (R.I.P.) sang the 7th Inning Stretch (TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME.) We LOVED it.”

A heart-tugging past (of course) performance on the Jumbotron by the iconic Harry Caray. Great.

"Root Root For the Cubbies and if they don't win it's a shame"...

“Root Root For the Cubbies and if they don’t win it’s a shame”…

NOW, PLEASE – PLEASE Don’t misconstrue. We LOVE/LOVED Harry Caray. However, maybe because we go to a lot of games (with all due respect) the “singing Ghost of Harry” seems to be plugged in fairly often in the 7th inning ritual.

So one might naturally wonder, “Were there no even B or C Celebs or Sports Somebodies around that could do a “LIVE” rendition?” Nobody else? What about Ronnie Woo Woo?

Anyway, when My Guy was at that game (I was at home), he was sending me play by play texts, as usual:

Him: “Harry singing the ‘Stretch’ again. Creepy.”

Me:“Again, they couldn’t find anyone else? How about if we video YOU live, singing it NOW and then we pay the Cubs a bunch of money, and sometime after you DIE they will show YOU singing TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME at Wrigley. That would be awesome, right?”

After I “text-rant” about my light bulb moment on marketing the 7th inning stretch, he suggests that I relax and go take a bath.

He often does not immediately recognize my genius, but think about this…

The Cubs Fan who will eventually be dead, will come to the stadium prior to his/her demise and be filmed singing. Belt it out, ham it up, do a dance – whatever, and pay the fee in advance.

And then, when he or she finally goes to the Ivy Covered Brick Walled Stadium in the Sky, the family will gather in the stands where they will hug and cry and applaud.

I’m thinking a few thousand dollars or so can give them a unique, precious memory. It works for Harry, and I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

Now, the concept might encounter a few glitches. Such as…

Child: Mommy, Where are we going?

Parent: We are going to the ballpark to see Grandpa sing.


(Followed by an attempted explanation)


Disgruntled Heir: “I can’t believe Dad spent MY INHERITANCE $$$$ to have a friggin’ glory moment on a Jumbotron for 2 minutes. I could have had a friggin’ vacation in the Bahamas.”

Now,it’s understood how an heir might feel that way, but let’s not overlook the bonus: The family will have a copy of the video to play at birthdays, anniversaries and holidays for a long time to come. It’s actually a lot of bang for the buck.

Enough said, Ricketts family, this is PR Genius.

And, in all fairness, since this was MY IDEA it would be nice if My Sports Guy’s postmortem deal could be discounted. Just sayin’.

Maybe you can do a “Buy one – get one free?” Now I’m thinking…

Even I wouldn’t mind having two minutes of posthumous fame in front of a crowd of 40,000.

I continue to ponder this scenario when suddenly My Guy walks into the room.

Me: “Hey honey, do I having a good singing voice?”

Him: Long pause and then pretty emphatically, “Not really.”

Realizing the truth in his reply, more thinking…

“I wonder what Lady GaGA would charge to do “back-up” for me. It’s just two minutes.”

We could do a duet

We could do a duet

Go Cubs.


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