No Bears Despair this year as Chicago still proudly flies the W

Football. Chicago Bears football. Deplorable. We are approaching week 12 – three quarters of the way into the 2016 Season and again our team, the once “Monsters of the Midway” have drained the die-hard fans of all but a teeny weeny, measly sliver of any hope to make it into the playoffs.

Consequently, My Sports Guy is having frequent calculating conversations with himself (out loud) such as this:

“If the Bears WIN ALL of their remaining games, and if every other team in the Division LOSES ALL of their remaining games…we still might have a chance.”

And my muffled, realistic reply goes something like…”Yes dear, and that will, of course, coincide with the equally likely phenomena of PIGS FLYING.”

We are Bears Fans from afar. Meaning that we have joined the throngs of Geezers and Geezettes that have thrown their snow shovels and “Dibs” chairs and Uggs into the burning pit. Yes, we have fled to the Sunshine State to escape the brutal Chicago winter. Hallelujah.

We no longer have to sit on our frozen butts at Soldier Field wearing 25 layers of fleece and down filled giant coats while stuffing our gloves with handwarmers as the icy wind off Lake Michigan whips at our exposed eyeballs.

We no longer have to pay megabucks in order to witness the Bears living on a prayer, up close and personal, as we have done so many times in so many winters past. Our dues are paid.

Instead, for last week’s game, we headed out to a local OUTDOOR sports bar where shorts, T-shirts and flip flops are the “Look” and the only “layer” you need is sunscreen. Oh happy day.

And, the annual Snowbird migration from the Midwest means that there are Bears fans everywhere. Win or lose it’s a party.
We commiserate with them, eat oysters, drink beer and as always swear and yell and moan and groan as our beloved team gets massacred.

Now my Sports Guy is “Bears suck” talking with another guy wearing a Ditka jersey.

My Guy says…”Yeah man, Da Coach………85 Bears”… a conversation that could go on and on, but then he reverts back to the game at hand as Cutler throws an interception. Jeeeezzz.

Then the Ditka Jersey Guy says that he has a Cutler jersey, but he refuses to wear it. Says he was going to throw it out, but he decided to leave it outside where someone could take it.

Jay Cutler Jersey - FREE

Jay Cutler Jersey – FREE

“And guess what?” he smirked, “No one would take it – not even a homeless guy.” Ouch, Jay.

That kinda sums up our current plight, Chicago. But let me tell you…

As we all know, and as I will remind you, The truth is even if the 2016 Bears were the worst team in football. So be it. Not the end of our world any more.

Because, all we have to do is shift our focus to the glorious reality that: (drum roll, please)


And it looks like that thrill will not diminish any time soon. A 108 year build-up to a phenomenal year – arguably one of the best wins of all time.

The record breaking season * the amazing players * going to game after game * the Playoffs * Wrigleyville * the Series * an unbelievable comeback * the nail-biting 7th game 10th inning WIN of the Century * the zillion fan parade

What a year – HOLY COW!

On that note, let me backtrack to a couple of weeks ago. We went to Tampa Bay where we saw the Bears lose to the Buccaneers (big time).

It was a bummer, but at the end of the game – as you looked around their stadium – what did you see?

You saw the stands dotted with many Chicago fans holding up their W SIGNS.

Look at what we've got!

Look at what we’ve got!

The message was clear: “You won this football game today, Tampa – big deal. Chicago WON THE WORLD SERIES. And we are still celebrating. Bold and clear. Can’t take that away.

So, no matter what defeats we endure in other sports, scenes of Cubs “Love and Awe” are still playing out everywhere.

Such as when My Sports Guy proudly wears his 2016 World Series Champion Cubs hat and t-shirt, as we stroll the beach, or hang out at a Tiki Bar – can’t count how many times strangers will stop to fist bump, high five, shake hands or even hug.

They say with true passion, “Hey, Congratulations on Your Team, Man! You did it.”

I look at his stubby grey beard, and say, “Do you think they think that you’re Joe Maddon?”

Joe Maddon, Cubs Manager

Joe Maddon, Cubs Manager

Doesn’t matter, he just beams as if he were the Cubs Manager. Ya gotta love it.

And my point is, My Cubs Guy and all the other die-hards like him are still in Hog Heaven, even if the Bears and Pigs don’t fly.

So how about (for a morale booster), if we pin a
W FLAG on the back of Jay Cutler’s jersey.
Just a thought.

Thank you 2016 Cubbies. We are so grateful.


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