Time-Travel to 1908 to see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series? No thank you.

Cubs fans are over the top as they hold their breath with the hope that 2016 could be THE YEAR.

Although a 108 year wait would tend to build up the anticipation level, I would guess that this city still went crazy in 1908 as the Chicago Cubs won (back to back) World Series.

Just as I am thinking about 1908 – My Sports Guy walks into the room…

Me: “Hey honey, as a die-hard Cubs Fan, if you had the choice to go back in time and live in 1908 where you would obviously be GUARANTEED to see the Cubs win a World Series, would you do it?”

My Guy: “Hell yes – who wouldn’t?” He didn’t think twice.

Me: “I wouldn’t – but I would miss you.” I envisioned myself blowing kisses as he was being sucked through a porthole to the past.

Now, being a Cubs fan – I might have agreed – EXCEPT- I have been binge watching Mr. Selfridge a BBC Series that spans several decades, but gives a pretty good depiction of life in the early 1900s.

On one hand, there are the obvious downsides – no technology, primitive modes of communication, women were inferior, travelling had to be a bitch, etc., etc.. Not to mention the average 47 year life expectancy. Bummer.

However, the era also seemed in some way to ooze romance, innocence, proper etiquette, and sophistication. But let’s not debate all of the blah blah pros and cons of the time…

More importantly – Let’s talk about what I would be wearing.

Yes, high fashion abounded, women’s clothes were extremely lavish – but also extremely friggin cumbersome. Long sleeves, long bell shaped skirts, yards of material (sounds really hot), often high necks and cinched waists that emphasized their “S-shaped” figures.



And, how did they achieve that “S-shape”? They wore (day and night) constricting rib crunching corsets – tight, tiny Godawful corsets that they had to stuff their maybe not so “S-shaped” torsos into. Compared to these torture garments, Spanx are a day at the park. Dealbreaker for my somewhat “H-shaped” bod.

she can't be breathing

she can’t be breathing

But, I did LOVE the hats… And the ladies of the day would not leave home without one. I could definitely do the hat thing.



The hairdo’s – that’s another story – they were intricate, complicated pompadours and curls all puffed out and pinned up – no easy breezy wash and wear styles here.

how do you do this?

how do you do this?

So, you are getting the picture…

Back to the baseball focus, let’s take a look at who were in the stands then and now…
THEN - Can you find the TWO Women? THEN – Can you find the TWO Women?

As you can see, present day scene – lots of gal fans, right? But, back in the olden days (think 1908) looks like women in the stadium were few and far between.

AND…I think that I have figured out WHY.

However, before I set the stage for my conclusion as to why – let me give you an idea of what typically goes down in our household (in 2016) when we decide to go to a Cubs game:

My Sports Guy: (watching TV) “Hey, let’s go to the game.”

Me: What inning is it?”

My Guy: “Bottom of the second.”

Me: “OK, give me a couple of minutes.” Then I do a quick “Clark Kent” change into a Cubs T-shirt, maybe grab a Cubs hat, sunglasses and we are off. A short ride on the Red Line, we score some tickets and by the bottom of the 4th we are in our seats toasting with our $9 beers.

Now, let’s hypothesize – back to 1908 – same scenario – only the World Series is being played:

My 1900s Gentleman: “Good morning, darling.” (Dialogue is more formal then.) “I have great news.”

Ladylike Me: Thinking that he wants to surprise me – take our new Model T for a ride? An outing to Lincoln Park? A picnic lunch? Rowing on the lagoon? “What is it darling?” I give him my full attention.

Him: “The morning mail has just arrived with a delivery from one of my business colleagues. He has sent us two tickets to today’s World Series game between our Champion Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers. We are going.”

Me: “Wonderful, darling. You must be thrilled.” And then I realize that I only have a couple of hours to get ready. Shit – OK – I’d probably say Curses.

The clock is ticking and I am still working on my hair.

How long would this take?

How long would this take?

Him: “Darling, are you ready? We have to go all the way across town.”

Apparently my time is up and I am clearly feeling the pressure. My best Day dress is laid out (after much deliberation as to what to wear), along with pantaloons, and High button shoes. But I will need help getting pummeled into my horrible corset (let’s just say my maid went to the market and is late in returning). And, I wanted her to remove the ostrich feathers on my hat for a more casual look…and my hair…the “upsweep” will take forever. My mind is racing…Where is my blue parasol? And I will need a nosegay.

Him: “My Darling, I don’t mean to rush you, but the driver is here.”

Me: I call down to him as I realize this is not going to happen. “I am so sorry, my love, but I’m afraid I am having a bit of a faint spell. Not to worry, I’ll take some smelling salts and I’ll be fine. But you best go without me.” Sigh.

And THAT explains why there are so few women at the ballgame back in the day. Just my guess.

Fast forward to 2016 where life isn’t quite so proper and formal – but it sure is a hell of a lot easier, although not without some pain-in-the-ass glitches. For instance:

As My Sports Guy plops down to watch the Cubs game in front of our 2016 giant flat screen HDTV – I hear the familiar *(^$#$%**%#(&^*&%^$@! profanity.

“What’s wrong? Cubbies losing?” I ask.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” he screams, “The bleep bleep bleeping CABLE IS OUT AGAIN!”

Well folks, you have to admit – they didn’t have to deal with that in 1908.

Go Cubs

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