So Glad that President Obama made it to last night’s Bulls Game at the United Center. Tales from the Front.

Yesterday morning, My Spontaneous Sports Guy shouts out “It’s the Bulls opening day of the regular season. They are playing Cleveland –you know- LeBron James. We’re going, right?”

We had just come off of a “sports boring” weekend. Our amazing Cubs had run their course, and our struggling Bears were on a “bye week”. This would be a big Bulls game and he needed a sports fix.

Before I could give the nod, he was in full “on a mission” mode at the computer looking for tickets, when he added…”Oh, and guess what? The rumor is it that Obama is going to the game.”

“Ohhhhh Nooooo – damn it!” I yelled. “Say it isn’t so.”

Now, with no disrespect to the President, let me explain the reasons for my utter dismay. Living downtown Chicago, whenever POTUS and/or Michelle pull into the city with their presidential motorcade, all hell breaks loose traffic-wise. Streets and expressways are closed down, traffic is rerouted. It’s a nightmare.

I anticipated a similar mess around the United Center…and what about security? Lines to get in are long enough as it is – you know that will be totally kicked up.

“DON’T BRING A PURSE.” My Guy lovingly, but emphatically requests. “There might be a separate line for bag check.”

I admittedly have PSA. Purse Separation Anxiety. I always carry a purse – usually a large one. What if we end up having to stay overnight somewhere? I won’t have all my essentials. Scary.

Game Day Drama That We Couldn’t Blame on the President:

Back to My Driven Sports Guy. He is at the computer looking for tickets…all of a sudden, I heard him spewing a very loud stream of expletives. Much worse than the usual.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I cautiously inquire.

More expletives.

What Happened:

Somehow the NBA site displayed last night’s game (as he showed me on the screen), but when he clicked BUY TICKETS it somehow brought him to another game date!?!

Long Story Short:

Thinking he was buying tickets for Bulls vs. Cavs on Tuesday night, he actually purchased tickets for Sunday’s game: Bulls vs. Orlando. Not his fault. He was adamant.

Attempt to Cancel Transaction:

FAILED. After finally getting a customer service rep on the phone, My Guy was told firmly, “If you click it, you buy it.”

I watched the veins at his temples throbbing. I was waiting for him to explode. Yet, he was immediately back online looking to buy a second pair of tickets. Still on a mission.

Shortly he announces that two new tickets have been secured, however the budget had been upped considerably.

With eyebrows raised, I gave him a “Seriously?” look.

He replied with a “Don’t ask” look.

Off to the Game:

We were in the cab headed to a designated “pick-up” location which was indicated on his printout reading, “This is your confirmation for your purchase of two tickets in Sec.XXX SeatXX for $$$ etc. etc.

Can Anyone Guess Where this is Going?

At the pick-up ticket counter, a thug-like guy says, “We don’t have your tickets because the ticket broker you bought them from never dropped them off.” And then he adds, “Sorry buddy, not my problem.”

I watched My Guy’s veins bulging once again as he was waiving his confirmation in the thugs face. “So whose bleeping problem is it?”

The back and forth got extremely heated and My Guy pulls a street cop into the fiasco. Ultimately it is all futile. We walk out ticketless.

I am relieved. I had started looking for an ATM in case cash was needed for bail money.

We walked several blocks in the pouring rain to the United Center where we were able to purchase our (third set – but who’s counting) of tickets at the ticket office for face value. Who knew?

We joined the masses, taking our place in the rain in a very long line to get in, slowed by the extra POTUS related security.

They have brought in metal detectors, but obviously not enough. The Secret Service is swarming.

Although we left the house a couple of hours before we usually do, we still missed the first quarter. I am guessing that a lot of fans lined up behind us missed the entire half. Pricey tickets for half a game.

Good News:

Great game. Bulls win pouncing LeBron and Company 97-95.

I am sure that President Obama had a great time, sitting courtside watching his team win, however…

Note to His Staff: A Few Thoughts for Next Time:

If he absolutely insists on being physically at the United Center to watch a game (you do know the latest HD TV is awesome – makes you feel like you’re really there), anyway, how about this?

My Suggested Plan:

Don’t tell anyone that he is going.

How You Would Pull That Off:

Have him go in disguise. Celebrities do it all the time. If no one knows that he is going, wouldn’t that lessen the odds of a security breach?

For example, being Halloween week – for last night’s game – a disguise would have totally worked. He could have worn a Trump mask or even gone as Hillary with a Bulls shirt. Who would ever guess that it was him? (All right – maybe not the best choice). But, they could have put him in any costume and sat him courtside. Check this out:

See...No one would know

See…No one would know

They could have picked him up in Benny the Bull’s van. Perfect.

Sure, he would still need the security guys – just have them look like regular fans…Bulls hats and Derek Rose jerseys. No one would know.


Hoopla avoided – just a thought. You are welcome.

P.S. Does anyone want to buy a couple tickets to Sunday’s Bulls game? Email me.

Go Bulls.

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