Anticipation is Keeping Me Waiting: Cubs vs. Pirates is Do or Die

Holy Cow. It’s Game Day. Our very own Chicago Cubs vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight – we are playing one “do or die” game on the way to being World Series Champs, and the pressure is on. The ANTICIPATION is huge. Cubs Fans everywhere are a little crazy, nervous and “livin’ on a prayer”.

Flashback: The realization started Sunday morning at our house when My Sports Guy was checking out StubHub for last minute tickets to the Bears game. Now, we had gone to the first two home games at Soldier Field…miserable losses to say the least. Consequently, I was pooh-poohing the idea of subjecting ourselves to more possible torture. (Not to mention that it was yukky cold, windy and damp.)

Then, out of the blue, My Sports Guy loudly proclaims, “Bleep the Bears. It’s the Cubs last game of the season. We’re going to Milwaukee to see them win.”
So the Cubs (non-meaningful) game trumped the Bears (meaningful) game. Interesting. My Guy was in full World Series Anticipation Mode.

“Is the Milwaukee stadium enclosed…no wind or rain?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah, retractable roof,” he replied.

I was in. A few hours later we were at Miller Stadium with a zillion raucous Cubs Fans madly cheering the Cubs 3-1 win over the Brewers.

We were up close and personal with the team, as we managed to sneak into a couple of vacated seats, just behind the Cub’s dugout.

I had to say – it was a rush. Looking at these cute baby-faced guys thinking, could this be THE TEAM that has been 107 Years in the making???

Game Day Thoughts and Observations:
The media is buzzing…the Billy Goat curse revisited over and over…Fan interviews…Player interviews…the bars are anticipating big bucks and a money train ride. Talk about anticipation…if every fan has butterflies…imagine the players. Hoping they are calming down in a meditation room somewhere visualizing W Flags flying.

Superstitions and Predictions:
Fans are planning to wear their lucky this or lucky whatever or perform some proven lucky ritual. It’s all extremely important.

I am guessing My Guy will be proudly wearing his Ernie Banks autographed Jersey. He recently was spot-cleaning and spraying deodorizer on his yet to be washed/cleaned several year old Lucky Garb.

I will be wearing whatever Cubs shirt I decide doesn’t make me look fat. However, I will have on my lucky Cubs bracelet.

My Magical Lucky Cubs Bracelet

My Magical Lucky Cubs Bracelet

Convinced that it is lucky because: One day while walking down Michigan Avenue, I passed by a man in a wheelchair selling Blackhawks bracelets. A couple blocks later, I stopped dead in my tracks and something (divine inspiration?) told me I need to go back and check it out.

Now, I am talking to this very nice man who explains that his son hand-weaved the bracelets. I was ready to buy a Blackhawks bracelet, when I said, “I really wish you had Cubs bracelets.”

And, he said, “Wait – I think I have ONE CUBS bracelet left.”

He dug way down, and there it was appearing like magic. I swear it had a glow to it. A good luck talisman for sure. (If the Cubs win because of this bracelet, I can probably sell it on E-Bay.)

Not sure if Nostradamus referenced a 2015 Cubs win, but we have all heard about the Back to the Future movie where the Cubs won the Series in 2015.

Also, (I love this one) the game starts at 7:08 Chicago time…19:08 military time – the year the Cubs last won the World Series.

The stars are aligning.

Lastly, think of the Old Folks, Cubs. You’ve got to win for all the really old Geezers and Geezettes that have been life-long fans. Their clocks might be ticking a little faster.

How many times have you heard, “I hope I can see the Cubs win the World Series before I die.”
And if we win the Series and a few of them have the “big one” because they were soooooo excited…so be it. What better way for a Cubs fan to check out?

Thinking about this, a tear comes to my eye when I think of my Grandma Elsie (may she rest in peace) listening to the Cubs on WGN radio in between hanging out the laundry to dry in the backyard. Waiting year after year for her beloved team to be champions.

WIN IT FOR THE SENIORS – DAMN IT. “Next Year” might be a little too late. Just saying.

Worldwide Cubs Fans – we are just hours away to the drum roll…no Netflix tonight.

Go Cubs Go, Go Cubs Go, Hey Chicago what do you say? The Cubs are gonna win today!

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