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World Cup Soccer for Dummies: USA vs. Germany and What Can Happen Next

The FIFA World Cup Soccer games are being played out in Brazil and zillions of fans all over the planet are watching. It is especially nail-biting for those watching from the 32 countries that still remain in the running for the prized Cup. And, as we know the United States is one of them. YEA!... Read more »

Q & A with a ChicagoNow Blogger Dr. Dawj Sangster, Woman Extraordinaire

As a ChicagoNow project, bloggers were invited to interview each other, and post on their individual sites. I was selected to interview an amazing and accomplished woman, Dawgelene Sangster aka Dr. Dawj Sangster. Author, speaker and world renowned life and business strategist are just a few of the impressive titles that she holds. Dr. Dawj... Read more »