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A Seat at the Bar with Mike Royko

I walked into The Billy Goat Tavern, a subterranean saloon underneath Michigan Avenue …a real dive that oozes character like no other. A Chicago institution immortalized by the infamous Saturday Night Live skit: Cheezborger, Cheezborger, No Fries – Chips…remember John Belushi, Bill Murray, Robert Klein—–a classic. Yellowed pictures and articles and news clippings cover the... Read more »

Fantasy Football Victory for the Grasshopper and Kim Kardashian Doesn't Even Care

Update on my fantasy football team: Mad Men. The team has completed their 2013 regular season and ta daaa…they won the League championship – alone in 1st place with a 13-1 stellar record. (Lost the first game – damn.) Note to Chicago Bears Coach Trestman: Call me anytime for pointers. Headed into the “playoffs” this... Read more »

Monday Night Miami Heat Against Chicago Bulls at United Center. Just Another Game? Apparently Not.

Last night the dreaded and obnoxious Miami Heat swaggered into town to play our short-handed Chicago Bulls. And, yesterday afternoon My Bull’s Loving Sports Guy asked with enthusiasm, “Do you want to go to the game?” I was thinking… ”It should be a good game, right?” I guessed. “I don’t know, it could be a... Read more »