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Memo to Wrigleyville Alderman Tom Tunney: Sharknado is Fiction and So is Beernado. Relax.

Recently we watched “Sharknado” – a TV movie with the very plausible plot involving zillions of SHARKS that get swept up from the ocean into a TORNADO (get it – Sharknado) and then the sharks get spewed out all over causing terror and mayhem in the streets of Los Angeles.  It could happen, right?  Well,... Read more »

Dwight Howard is Going To Houston and Do We Have To Help Him Move?

I’ll get to Dwight Howard and Houston in a minute. Please just bear with me while I set this up. We have all seen the sad couples who are sitting across from each other in a restaurant. Usually middle age or more, who order their meals and politely wait until it’s served. Then they proceed... Read more »

The 2013 Hockey Season is Officially Over but Read Which Airline Blackhawk Fans Need to Avoid

They won. You celebrated. It’s over. The Blackhawk’s victory parade was last Friday. OK – so I gave you the weekend, and the party continued. The masses were still wearing their Hawks gear, flags and banners were still flying. But it is Monday and it’s over. I’m calling it. Somebody has to. Admittedly, I wrote... Read more »