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Jay Cutler: Happy Birthday and By The Way Anxiously Awaiting My Invitation to Your Wedding

  May I extend my very best wishes to Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears Quarterback on his 30th Birthday…Jay and his fiancé Kristin have been my focus for a while now. Let me explain: Ever since I wrote the gentle (yet prodding) blog with just a hint of reprimand to Jay, remember, he texted his recent... Read more »

The Chicago Bulls Throw a Helluva Birthday Party Even If Beyonce Was a No Show

In Chicago, last week– home of Da Bulls…As you may know they call United Center “The Madhouse on Madison”, and it is. When things are rocking there, it really is a Party you don’t want to miss. Flashback to a couple of weeks ago: I asked my Sports Guy: “Honey, what do you want to... Read more »

Harry Caray Gives Wrigleyville Alderman Tom Tunney a Reality Check

I had just returned from travelling, and was catching up on Chicago news – when I read that The Whining, Complaining Wrigleyville Residents and their fearless Mouthpiece, Alderman Tom the Terrible Tunney are still negotiating with the Ricketts? “Unbelievable, these people just don’t get it.” I am venting out loud. “What’s wrong now?” My Guy... Read more »