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Derrick Rose: I Am Worried About You and Your Mom Must Be Too

Derrick Rose, MVP and the super phenomenon of the Chicago Bulls. Everyone loves him, has cheered him on, watched his game-winning moves over and over, and then disaster…major injury. It was a Chicken Little and “The sky is falling” shockaroo. But, the devoted fans crossed their fingers, lit candles and have watched and waited for... Read more »

I Am the Worst Blackhawk Fan and I Am Sorry About That, But I Think I Better Stick to Shopping

Watching Windy City Live this morning, (a Chicago based talk show), Val, one of the hosts, yells “And how about those Blackhawks!”  The audience goes wild – something happened that I apparently missed.  Amid the cheering, I strained to get a clue.  Now, I know that the Hawks have been winning- they are on some... Read more »