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Memo to Complaining Wrigleyville Residents on Cub's Latest Proposals

I am so sick and tired of whiny people living near Wrigley Field bitching and moaning about the Cubs and their enthusiastic fans. The crowds, the noise, the lights, the bars, the traffic, the parking, the litter, it never ends. There have always been these curmudgeons, scowling and bitter, ranting about everything that they vehemently... Read more »

Why The Men of Sunday NFL Countdown Totally Outshine The Ladies of The View

Sundays just haven’t been the same. No Bears. No Fantasy Football. No last minute scrambles to Soldier Field. We will watch the Playoffs – but it’s really bittersweet. Atlanta…San Francisco…Baltimore…New England. Really not much to get excited about. No Midwest teams are left. The Cheeseheads are storing their wedges in bubble wrap and all our... Read more »

So Long Lovie and Hanging Out with Iron Mike

    Lovie Smith bites the dust.  I am NOT ho-hum about this at all.  Why?  You might ask?  I now have to CHANGE the name of my Fantasy Football Team from LovieBears to what?  Who are they wooing for the job? John Gruden? JohnnyBears?  Marc Trestman?  MarcBears?  Darrell Bevel?  BevelBears?  Rick Dennison? RickyBears?  Nothing is... Read more »