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NFL Playoff Rules for Dummies and a Pedicure

It’s almost NFL Playoff Time – so for the sake of casual conversation, I asked My Guy a SIMPLE question. I think it was about what was the difference between a “Conference” and a “Division” or something like that. What was I thinking?  Granted, stupid sports questions and comments frequently just fly out of my... Read more »

My Fantasy Football Addiction: More Fun than George Clooney

It’s over.  My 2012 Fantasy Football Team is spiraling down into the black abyss of no return.  My Virtual Team has once again toyed with my emotions and left me in a disappointing heap.      Three years ago, we were in a bar watching a pre-season Bears game and the talk around us was about... Read more »

Green Bay Packers Cheeseheads - Please Don't Go Home

     I am extending total hospitality to our Cheesehead rivals.  You were all over the city this weekend, and it’s OK.  I know you kicked our ass yesterday.  We lost.  You won.  Blah Blah Blah.  But this is not about that. As we watched the more or less doomed from the beginning game – on a grey bleak... Read more »

Nostradamus Predicts Bears 2012 Record

The profound prediction came in a text message.  My Sports Guy stared at the white square on his I-Phone.  OK – It wasn’t exactly Nostradamus.  It was from his friend, the Bartender/Very Knowledgeable Sports Enthusiast at a popular Chicago hangout in the Viagra Triangle .  I took a look.  All it said was 8-8. “What’s 8 dash 8?”... Read more »

Bears Bulls and Pass the Mustard

Bears vs. Vikings last Sunday and Bulls vs. Dallas on Wednesday.  To quote Dickens…”It was the best of times.”  We went to both of the games and watched both teams win with remarkable EASE!  No nail biting – for a change – just a lot of bang for our buck. We were excited to go... Read more »