I adopted Robbie Gould, Chicago Bears Kicker Extraordinaire, several years ago. I am just like a proud Mom every time My Boy kicks that ball. And just like a proud Mom/Groupie, I wear a T-Shirt (that I had made) that says I HEART (symbol) ROBBIE! So now, you can imagine how I feel when I am reading the paper and see an article on him and it seems that he is really taking it hard – you know the recent missed field goals – seriously? Robbie, honey, that field was a SWAMP – what did they expect? (home game pouring rain – against the Texans). But, Robbie is feeling really low because he DOES expect so much of himself…In the Tribune article he says, “I don’t get paid to miss”…”I know what my job is. That’s why I am here. I’m here to kick in tough conditions…We talk every week that I have to be 100% on field goals to win football games….I have to be perfect on my field goals.”
“What?” I say out loud. “100% that’s crazy!” My Guy asks what the problem is, as he pours me another cup of coffee. “It’s my Robbie – you KNOW he hardly EVER misses – he has a slew of records – and now THEY are pressuring him to be 100%. NOBODY is 100% in anything. We are all HUMAN. Right?” He senses my fury – but, nevertheless, says, “So he had his couple of misses – and NOW he NEEDS to be 100%. He’ll be fine…what’s for dinner?” “Do you have any idea what it must be like?” I shriek. “I know that he doesn’t have to deal with 300 lb. Refrigerators crushing his bones, but he has to block out the roar of the crowd and concentrate on a tiny patch of pigskin and Time after Time – have contact with it in such a perfect way – toe to ball – that it will soar for yards and yards right down the middle. This is not a team effort. It is him all alone – it’s like GOLF for God’s sake!” “Relax, calm down. You do know you are not really his mom,” he mumbles. I give him The Look. Of course, I know that he has a real Mom. But right now we are both wanting to tell him…”Just do the best you can, Robbie, OK? That’s all that matters.” “Noooooo- this is PRO Football – not high school.” He is insistent and I have heard enough from Him and Lovie….I need to go shopping – retail therapy.
Fast forward to last Monday night. A total disaster of a game against the 49ers. We are being slaughtered. I guess that I should be worried about Jay and his concussion. I am not worried about Jay – he’ll be fine – and besides, it’s different…he’s not family. All I can think of is my Robbie…PLEASE…don’t get in field goal range. What if he misses again? Prozak for sure. It’s the 4th quarter and now My Darling Mate announces that he is actually – for real – physically sick – because the Bears look so atrocious. He starts calculating who we are playing in the remaining games – what the chances are that we will win this one – lose that one – blah blah. I am sick – thinking of the 100% they are demanding of my Robbie. Finally, game over – NO Field Goal attempts. Bears lose. My Boy has kicked once for the extra point on the single measly touchdown they were able to squeeze out. He made it of course – 100%! RELIEF For Now.

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