Make it About Mom: Positioning Your Brand for Moms of Babies

Make it About Mom: Positioning Your Brand for Moms of Babies

Successfully positioning a product or service to moms of infants and toddlers requires specific recognition and appreciation of Mom’s role. A simplistic focus on the product or service benefit won’t resonate with this market. Your brand will need to make it about Mom.

Tylenol has a recent marketing campaign that does a brilliant job of positioning its brand for moms of infants and toddlers. The “Everything You Do” campaign honors and recognizes Mom (and Dad), while showing how the brand complements parents’ efforts. A recent execution says, “For everything we do, you do so much more.”

In no category is “making it about Mom” more important than in food and nutrition.

Strategies for Positioning a Food/Nutrition Product for Infant/Toddler Moms

As we explore in Tuning into Mom: Understanding America’s Most Powerful Consumer, one of Mom’s primary roles is feeding her infant and toddler.  From the time she first becomes pregnant, Mom is encouraged to make sure her diet provides all that her child needs, and is reminded of the importance of proper diet and nutrition to her developing child. Mom can’t help but feel that her competence is tied up with successful feeding. And, in many cultures, a plump baby is taken as the outward sign of a good mom.

In fact, Mom’s concerns for the healthfulness of her child’s diet is at its peak when her child is in the infant/toddler years, remains highs in pre-school and elementary school years, and diminishes somewhat thereafter.

Make it About Mom: Positioning Your Brand for Moms of Babies

What does this mean for products and services that target infant and toddler moms? In the area of food and nutrition, Mom’s central role must be honored and recognized.

If your brand’s product or service fails to recognize Mom’s role first and instead unwittingly supplants Mom by talking about itself, the brand’s communication runs the risk of being tuned out.  Specifically, in our work with infant and toddler nutrition brands, we found that it was important to honor Mom first in the marketing communication, and then to mention the product as a helper or support for Mom.

Motts provides a good example of a brand that recognizes Mom first with “Sweetness from Mom” and then its brand second with “Less Sugar from Motts,” as shown in this execution.

Make it About Mom: Positioning Your Brand for Moms of Babies

Motts’ Facebook page is replete with messaging that honors moms. For example, a recent post is “Nothing beats hearing ‘I love you Mom!’” or “Hugs are the warmest layer.” Moms enthusiastically respond to this engagement. Observe the 448 shares on this post:

Make it About Mom: Positioning Your Brand for Moms of Babies

Tylenol and Motts provide perfect inspiration for any brand targeting infant/toddler moms. Their executions are spot-on with the research and work I’ve done in this area. Make it about Mom, and Mom will tune into your message.


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