How Parents Use Facebook

How Parents Use Facebook

What Marketers Need to Know About Mom and Dad’s Most Popular Social Network

In the world of social networks, Facebook is king with moms and dads, according to Marketing to Moms Coalition’s 2012 State of the American Mom report. 73% of moms and 68% of dads regularly use Facebook, compared with much lower usage for other platforms:

SOAM Social media parents use

When broken down by age, older Millennials are more likely to use Facebook, followed by Gen Xers, younger Millennials and finally Boomers. The platform may be losing ground among younger Millennials, although a majority of all moms still regularly visit the site:

Ages of Facebook parents

These high-usage statistics should make any brand eager to include meaningful Facebook marketing strategies in their plans. As I wrote recently, Hot Mama is one retailer who heavily focuses on Facebook marketing. But what are Mom and Dad doing on Facebook? And how can marketers reach them?

What do Mom and Dad do on Facebook?

Moms are especially active on Facebook, with 45% of them visiting the site more than twice each day. They are most likely to post updates on their family life, along with pictures of family and friends.

Dads use Facebook with regularity—the plurality visit the site once or twice a day. While they also post updates on family life, they are slightly more likely to post jokes, offers from companies, inspirational sayings and re-posts of news they find interesting.

What Mom and Dad do on Facebook

Marketing to Mom and Dad on Facebook

Moms and Dads differ somewhat in their reasons for ‘liking’ a brand’s Facebook page. Over half of moms will ‘like’ a brand to receive offers and coupons. 45% of moms will enter sweepstakes, while 40% will ‘like’ a brand just to show her preference for it. Dads are more difficult to engage in this respect. They are more likely than moms to ‘like’ a brand because of a common interest or recommendation of a friend.

‘Sharing’ a brand’s Facebook post is one of the most valuable marketing activities a fan can engage in. A majority of both moms and dads will share a post to enter a promotion. Almost half of moms are willing to share just to show she likes the brand, and many will share to talk about a product or service. Dads are more likely than moms to talk with other consumers, contact customer service and register a complaint on Facebook.

With so many parents on Facebook, it’s worthwhile for brands to develop different strategies for both Mom and Dad. Here’s a brief summary to get you started:

  • It’s easier to earn Mom’s ‘like’ and encourage her to talk about your brand. She’s eager to connect with brands that have already won her loyalty. Engage her with pictures and offers.
  • Dad is a tougher target, but he is equally as motivated to enter promotions for brands he already ‘likes.’ Engage him with interesting news, jokes and inspirational quotations. Address his complaints promptly, and he will share it with his friends—who are then more likely to ‘like’ your brand.


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