How Walgreens' "Take Care" Clinics Are Like Apple Stores for Moms

How Walgreens' "Take Care" Clinics Are Like Apple Stores for Moms

Walgreens’ Take Care Clinics are the result of a successful, customer-targeted business strategy. And, one of the high priority customer targets for Take Care Clinics is moms. Walgreens has taken an Apple Store approach to healthcare, providing appointments or walk-in visits at convenient hours, check-in upon arrival, and– most importantly– they “take care” of the problem. The Take Care Clinic website sums up their goal as, “Personalized, quality healthcare made easy.”

Walgreens Take Care Clinic - Personalized, Quality healthcare made easy

And I’d have to agree. My experience as a mom with the Take Care Clinic led me to delve into their business strategy. I had just learned my child’s physical exam and proof of immunization weren’t current enough for sports participation at  school—and the documentation was required to be filed the next day. Since there certainly wasn’t time to schedule an appointment with the regular pediatrician, the school suggested we try Walgreens’ Take Care Clinic.

The process couldn’t have been easier. I found the nearest Take Care Clinic and booked the Sports Physical appointment online.  And the pricing was very reasonable – just $39. The nurse practitioner was very personable and thoughtful—it was a great experience.   The Take Care Clinic experience reminded me of the service experience at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store. It included the ability to schedule a convenient appointment online, and have an expert diagnose and solve the problem for you, along with a staff who were friendly and respectful.

Jim Cohn, Senior Media Relations Manager with Walgreens, spoke with me about the Take Care Clinic business strategy:

We do cater to busy moms with children, the senior population, and, increasingly, young adult college students who are also needing physicals. Our data shows that 40% of people who come into the clinic arrive at hours when the traditional physician’s office is closed. Having evening and weekend hours is part of the convenience we offer. 

“Over the past few years, we’ve grown into 19 states. As we look to the future, tens of millions more people will be needing healthcare coverage, which creates a greater need for these services. There will be an even greater need, and a greater opportunity for nurse practitioners. We will continue to expand locations and services.”

Walgreens’ seems poised to take advantage of the growth opportunity in convenience-based healthcare services, much the way Apple made the experience of owning a computer more convenient with their retail stores. During the Back-to-School season, Mom is busy with a myriad of tasks—with Walgreens’ Take Care Clinics, making an inconvenient appointment at the pediatrician and spending time in the waiting room doesn’t have to be one of them.

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