6 Hot-Button Areas for Marketing to Mom Strategies

6 Hot-Button Areas for Marketing to Mom Strategies

Marketing professionals should be knowledgeable about six key priorities that moms care about— in my book Tuning Into Mom, I call these Mom’s Hot Buttons. Our research for the book quantitatively shows that these topics hold the greatest interest for moms and correspond well to their purchase areas.

Marketing strategists can benefit by adjusting their brand’s marketing focus to align with one or more of these themes, which are:

Mom’s Hot Buttons

  1. Food
  2. Exercise and Sports
  3. Education
  4. Safety and Health
  5. Technology
  6. Fashion and Beauty

There is a well-known maxim that the best way to quickly get a mom’s attention is to talk with her and engage her in a dialog about her children. Mom will be even more engaged if the communication also addresses the theme areas she cares about most.

Pinterest, the online pinboard, has lately exploded in popularity with women and moms, through the promise of being able to, “Organize and share the things you love.”  Not surprisingly, the most popular “things” fall into Mom’s hot-button themes, like Fashion and Beauty or Food. This shows the potential for brands to engage with moms through their interests, either on Pinterest itself or through other means.

Aligning one’s marketing communication approach to these hot-button areas is the first step to communicating with Mom more emotionally and powerfully. A brand doesn’t have to fit exactly into one of the themes to benefit from this marketing strategy. For instance, in my book, I use the example of LUNA bars (a food product) partnering with Stroller Strides to emphasize the hot button area of Exercise and Sports, along with Food.

Over the past month, I’ve started to address the hot button of Education for moms of high school students, showing that these themes resonate with Mom even as her child grows up. In future articles, I’ll delve into other themes in detail, sharing research and case studies.

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