Thoughts on a change of scenery (and expression)

Thoughts on a change of scenery (and expression)

I’ve been home a lot lately. Whether it’s writing, keeping up with e-mail and even paper letters, or playing cello, there’s a lot to do — and a bad allergy time for me to do it in. So I’m enjoying moving around my fragile collection (of animal figures, such as Peter Rabbit as mentioned earlier). I’m even working out how to change framed pictures perpendicular to my desk, add one to the collage of things on the wall just beyond my PC screen, and add some art in my bathroom where I’ve found a conveniently placed hole. (It may have been an interrupted decorating attempt earlier.)

Since I’ve gathered a lot of photos from travels and my work in museums, I have a lot to decide from. Postcards and Christmas cards worth enjoying decorate my refrigerator along with souvenirs of the triumphs of my formerly beloved Chicago Blackhawks. (No more new memories from them doesn’t preclude enjoying the old memories.)

My artistic thoughts, as usual, come back around to expressions. Moving my animal figures, “who” probably have never been set up exactly the same twice, is a three-dimensional version of the wall decorating in two dimensions. (Well, as much time as it’s taking, I should probably add time as a dimension, but that’s another story.)

I often wind up thinking of my rearranging and redecorating as changes of scenery. That makes me laugh when I look at the proportion of landscapes vs. portraits — on the wall around my apartment’s lone, large window, only my father’s carved wooden plate is not an actual landscape, but it has a rose on it, not a face.

But the contents of my apartment are the scenery of what happens in it, so I shall continue to think of adjustments as changes of scenery.

Changes of plot, of course, are something else again.

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  • "my formerly loved Chicago Blackhawks."
    Not to denigrate the abhorrent circumstances behind the matter, but yours is a column on language. "Formerly loved" clangs. "Formerly beloved" perchance?

  • In reply to Grundoon:

    Thank you, Grundoon. I trust your ear for clanging. I'll edit in "formerly beloved."

    P.S. Thanks for using "perchance," too. That's fun to see.

  • fb_avatar

    fully expressed me is low level until I read this
    thanks -- one pun -- my bathroom is so small I don't have room for any holes in the wall. Framed pix over laptop dangerous? Mine fell but missed my laptop. I visioned your space to be similar to mine. Lived in.

  • In reply to William Bowen:

    Thank you -- it is definitely lived in! My pictures over the laptop are about the length of my hand away from the screen. If any of them fall, they'll hit the back of the desk or go straight to the floor. That'd be a change of scenery! I'm sorry your pictures fell, and I hope they are all right.

  • Yes! Like Thoreau wrote, I have traveled extensively in Concord...

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Thanks for the memory. I sometimes think I have many rooms -- the room where the picture from the family reunion is, the one where I keep the only photo that shows my hair longer than it is now, the one where my two favorite photos from England are, and the one where my two paintings imitating Monet are. Spoiler: They're in the same room, the main part of my studio.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Yes---And don't forget the Writers' Room

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Oh, of course -- but the Imaginary Writers' Room is in my mind! Thank you for remembering it. They're hard to get together sometimes, but it seems a bit noisier there lately... watch this space!

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