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I know one thing I don't want back: Handshakes

I’m starting to hear discussions on the radio and read them in the paper — “What do you want back when this is over? What are you looking forward to doing again?” I haven’t decided what I want to do to celebrate the end of the pandemic, but I know what I don’t want to... Read more »

Hey, March 20 is World Storytelling Day!

I ran across a reference to World Storytelling Day in a message from a Scottish-American group on Facebook. Lo and behold, it’s coming up on March 20. (I know, not much surprise after the headline, but what could I do?) But what else struck my attention is that March 20 is also the birthday of... Read more »

Come on, machine...

We’re switching to a new version of WordPress software here at Chicago Now. It will be more secure, and it will do more for us, but for now, it’s worse than trying to play a new piece of music. In some ways, it’s like going from the ways I’ve known for decades to play my... Read more »

Conversations about Lincoln statues? Yes, but let's keep them all anyway!

Updated to replace deleted copy and add image. The recent controversy caused by a list of 41 public statues in Chicago — a list produced by the Chicago Monuments Project, part of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration — was meant to cause conversation among Chicagoans about whether to keep the statues or get rid of them,... Read more »

Chicago Now's 20 best posts of February 2021

Each month, ChicagoNow holds a contest to select the best blog posts throughout ChicagoNow. Out of more than 500  posts published during the month of February, here are the 20 judged to be the best. Cheating Death My granddaughter, a girl in braids and a boy in a red sweater end violence in America Cheating Death Swimming... Read more »

Happy National Grammar Day!

Today, March 4, is National Grammar Day. I have seen several references to it on my travels around the Internet today, but here is the concise one from Wikipedia: “National Grammar Day is observed in the United States on March 4. Designated in 2008, the National Grammar Day was established by Martha Brockenbrough, author of “Things That... Read more »