More about self-care: Move!

More about self-care: Move!
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It’s been a tough few days — anniversaries will get me. So, assuming that a particularly obvious anniversary’s effects may be common among us, I’m going back for today’s post to my pandemic-time survival index, “The *More or Less* Definitive Guide to Self-Care” by Anna Borges.

I have been looking for my sewing supplies today, since I suddenly have three reasons to do some mending. That meant digging into a kitchen cabinet, where I found my button box — but not the separate box for other sewing supplies, namely needles and thread and (I hope) spare scissors. I’ve got to do some more searching for that sewing box.

The search was more exercise than I thought, which made me stop at the Ms when I picked up the index. (That’s how I think of the book, since MLDGSC doesn’t really come to my mind as an abbreviation.) “Move,” well, jumped out at me. As Borges wrote,

“The frustrating thing about exercise is that it’s both incredibly good for your mental health and incredibly good to do when your mental health is suffering. You’ll have to find what works for you — it might be as small as taking a regular trip around the block — but it’s worth it once you do.”

Opposite that paragraph is a page full of what Borges calls “Not-Overwhelming Tips to Move Your Body When it’s Hard.” Here are some of my favorites:

— Start your day off by stretching in bed.

— Exercise at home where you won’t feel watched or judged.

— Don’t put pressure on yourself to complete a whole program or stick to a strict schedule.

When I lived in my former apartment, I was within walking distance of Lincoln Park Zoo. I didn’t want to walk six or eight blocks both ways just to go walking, but I could convince myself to go and visit various animals. The point was, I tricked myself into walking anyway, I just didn’t think of it as the only thing I was doing. Once I was at the zoo, I could ask myself whether I wanted to see anybody else, not whether I felt like adding to the distance I’d have to walk myself home.

The zoo needs reservations now, and I’m farther away from it anyway, but I use the same principle: What else or who else do I need to see or do while I’m up? You may translate this into “I wonder whether this store is open — I’ll go check” or “I hear they did some creative things with their boarded-up windows — I’ll look.”

You’ll be surprised with something on your way, and maybe it’ll just be the beautiful September day. So turn off the computer and move!

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  • My moving was driving 4 times back and forth to the Xfinity store, one of which made me miss a fitness center reservation. It seems like things are now worked out, but, based on earlier transactions, I should hive remembered that the cable company is still the cable company

    I still don't know if while walking around the neighborhood, one is supposed to avoid others on the sidewalk.

    Other than that, my calves get stiff. And I don't mean the ones at the veal farm.

  • In reply to jack:

    I'm glad you've worked things out with the cable company.
    As for sidewalks, I look for the little doorway paths and "pull over" when I can to add a few feet.
    Take care, Jack.

  • Here's one for your grammar or diction file. HEADLINE: Woman killed in freak elevator accident. It turns out it was a freak elevator, about 100 years old with manual door grates/

  • In reply to jack:

    Thank you. I have a good story about an elevator I was in with my cello which actually had an elevator operator... that could be combined with your "grate" story.

  • Wonderful post, thank you! Yes, stretching is very good. As one who walks everywhere, I think it's not only good exercise, it's good for inspiring creativity, too!

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    You're very welcome. You have a great point about creativity. When my feet have to get me someplace, I love to try to look for details around me to concentrate on where I am. I just have to be careful not to get ahead of myself!

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