Redefining 'special occasions' during a crisis

Redefining 'special occasions' during a crisis

I had to go out today — my “economic impact” check wasn’t taking itself to the bank. So I wore my good boots, my gray suede “skates” (so nicknamed since they’re as tall as skate boots, but don’t have blades). And yes, I wore a mask into the bank. Again.

As I rode to the bank, I thought it over — I had been saving my good boots for a special occasion. After all, if anything happens to them, the shoe repair shop’s closed and my suede brush is all I have to use.

What was I waiting for? My feet felt better because I was wearing my good “skates.” That was the special part.

It reminded me of times when my parents wanted me to have and enjoy particular pieces of jewelry. My mother passed along some pieces I could wear to work after she retired, and my dad gave me pieces that he had saved since his mother died in 1939.

At first, I wanted to wear my new heirlooms just on special occasions. But when I was first starting out, parties and other special things were thin on my calendar.

But I couldn’t afford new special pieces on my rookie budget, so the heirlooms were the special pieces. I started wearing the special pieces any time I wanted to… and I discovered that wearing something special, telling the special stories, made a special day.

So yes, I’ll have my jeans-and-sweatshirts days at times while the stay-at-home order lasts. But just as I’ve learned that putting on makeup helps me look better on Zoom conference calls, wearing special jewelry or clothing will help. Back to the jewelry box!

Getting out my big, red glass brooch and pinning it on a scarf or sweater — while I still can before it’s too hot — will help me share the story of Dad buying it as a boy for his mother for her birthday, paying a whole dollar. Wearing my mother’s locket or aquamarine necklace will bring out their stories, too, even if the objects are just little blue or gold sparkles on Zoom.

In this gloomy time, I need a special occasion, right this very minute. I’m glad it’s as close as the jewelry box.

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  • Most "checks" get to the bank themselves: direct deposit was available, and most banks have apps that let one take a picture of the check and deposit that.

  • In reply to jack:

    Most do. I was referring to what mine needed. You credit me with enjoying technology more than I do.

  • Excellent post on how to make days special--especially these days.

    Online banking is possible---but sometimes the sites are down. Yes, I like to go banking in person, too. In my case, I walked up to the drive-thru.

    Did you see NHL and Hawks masks are available, now?

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Thank you. Online banking is one of the things I thought I'd never need because it'd always be easy to get to the local bank. Now I go to La Salle Street because the bank branch is closed. I'll stick to the in-person model. I love the image of you walking up to the drive-thru! I may try that at Walgreens later if I get brave.

    Yes, I saw the Hawks masks. I already made two from a Hawks scarf that wasn't working otherwise.Score!

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