'Kindness and Wonder' -- Love your neighbors, like Mister Rogers (and others)

'Kindness and Wonder' -- Love your neighbors, like Mister Rogers (and others)
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The sixth way to “Live More Like Mister Rogers Right Now” in Gavin Edwards’ book “Kindness and Wonder” is to “Love your neighbors.”(Catch up to previous posts here and here.) The chapter begins with a mention of two of Rogers’ more famous neighbors in Pittsburgh and New York City — artist Andy Warhol and George Romero, creator of the 1968 feature film “Night of the Living Dead.”

What could they have in common with Fred Rogers? Well, a cousin of Andy’s, Ted Warhola, was the earliest floor manager on “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” Meanwhile, some of Romero’s first films appeared on Picture Picture, the framed video screen in Mister Rogers’ TV house — “Things with Wheels” and “Things That Feel Soft” are two titles Edwards cited.

Artistic collaborations abound in this chapter, which ends on page 200 of “Kindness and Wonder.” By this time in my reading, and after five weeks of consideration here, the different ways of community and collaboration feel familiar to me — and, I hope, to you. Loyal co-workers for artists are like you, dear reader-neighbors — we are a community.

The day before I wrote this post, I tripped and fell on the sidewalk as I got off a bus. I’m fine, but I didn’t look like it at all at the moment. I had a very bloody nose.

Three neighbors — none of whom I’d seen before — appeared to help me. To the lady who brought me a cup of ice and a pile of napkins to clean up, and to the two gentlemen who made sure I could get the short distance to my home, I offer my heartfelt public thanks. They lived out the biblical instruction, “love your neighbors,” and Mister Rogers would be happy with them.

I’m glad all three of them were there, too. As Edwards wrote, Mister Rogers “reminded us of the work that’s required for neighbors to come together, and showed people that it was time well spent: in sweet times and sour times, we all need a community.”

Go and love your community this week.

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  • The mind just boggles at the thought of PBS putting Night of the Living Dead in Picture, Picture.

  • In reply to jack:

    Hey, I succeeded in boggling your mind, Jack! Wow!

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