'Kindness and Wonder' - Find the light in the darkness, like Mister Rogers did

'Kindness and Wonder' - Find the light in the darkness, like Mister Rogers did
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The seventh “way to live like Mister Rogers” in Gavin Edwards’ Sustaining Book,  “Kindness and Wonder: Why Mister Rogers Matters Now More than Ever,” may be the hardest for some readers to read — but also to forget. It’s finding the light in the darkness.

It’s praying for people, being with struggling people, and bringing people hope.

Tony Cartledge, a grieving father whose story is the lion’s (or the striped tiger’s!) share of this chapter, is quoted by Gavin Edwards with the best explanation of what he and Mister Rogers mean. Mister Rogers helped Tony Cartledge grieve and recover when he and his daughter, Bethany Cartledge, were in an automobile accident. Bethany died at the age of seven. Tony Cartledge said,

” ‘His faith was very deep and very certain. I appreciate that about him, and I wish I was as confident as he was. But the older I get, the less I know, and in some cases the less I believe — so I cling to hope.’ ”

Sometimes, our hands aren’t strong enough to cling to hope for ourselves. We need each other to hold onto it for us.

Or, to use the image in the chapter title (and my headline), who in your life is in a darkened room? Can you carry the light to them today? Be that caring person who tries.

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