It's not over yet: Hope for the Apostrophe Protection Society

It's not over yet: Hope for the Apostrophe Protection Society

I was dismayed to receive an e-mail from a friend and reader early in December about the closing of the Apostrophe Protection Society. You can read that e-mail here. Contrary to its headline, however, ignorance and laziness have not won.

I looked at the society’s web site,, and I was pleased to find that  hugely increased demand forced the site to close for a while, but it will be coming back in January 2020 “for reference and interest.”

It’s always good to know that someone (else) is Serious about punctuation.

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  • 1. Looking at the linked article, the society was also protecting against abuse, such as where it was used in connection with a plural than with a possessive. Something like "the 3 Bernstein's are ill," but not saying what the Bernstein's thing that is ill was
    2. I also contend that possessives where the root noun ends in s should be 's. Thus, the advertisement for Bayliss' Best Ever is at least grammatically incorrect (and probably also substantively incorrect).
    3. However, you unearthed that the NYP isn't the most reliable source.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thank you, Jack. I agree, the original story wasn't from a source I often rely upon. As for the other assertions, I'm just glad not to give up hope.

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