A Chicago writer (and editor) looks at 'The Chicago Manual of Style'

A Chicago writer (and editor) looks at 'The Chicago Manual of Style'
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Since I’ve been finding “The Chicago Manual of Style” mentioned in many ads I’ve been reading for editorial jobs, I checked the book out of the library to start studying it. That was in mid-September.

When the Chicago Public Library got rid of most overdue fines, part of the cheering you heard was from me. “The Chicago Manual of Style,” subtitled “The Essential Guide for Writers, Editors, and Publishers,” ends only its text on page 973, and the Glossary, Bibliography and Index mean the book ends with a total of 1,144 pages.

That, dear readers, is a Serious book indeed. My measuring stick among books, “The Complete Sherlock Holmes,” is 1,323 pages long — only 179 pages longer than the manual.

But as I set out to study it, writing notes for job-related reasons gave way to little notes, from arrows to whole sentences, which told me the manual could be a source for a series of posts. So here is a change from the Kipling series — a series to watch for on Fridays about fine points of grammar and writing style. (Don’t worry, I kept thinking of the word “snarky” as I read and studied the part I’ve gone through already. It’s fun.)

It’s not a case of “I’ll read it so you don’t have to.” I would rather call it “I did the heavy lifting, so we might as well all benefit from it.”

Come on along!

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  • Well-done! I look forward to more posts on this. Thank you!

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Thank you. I'll do my best to convey the fun I'm finding in the book.

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