Singing in the rain -- with a neighbor, it's more fun

Singing in the rain -- with a neighbor, it's more fun

Our recent rainy days have me looking out for a little neighbor boy I encountered in similar weather last spring.

I walked under the local bridge for the “L” train and was just ready to get out of the rain, but he walked under it and was singing to his mother.

“Rain, rain, go away,” he sang.

I couldn’t agree more, nor could I resist.

“Come again some other day,” I sang back to him.

I still smile at his wide-eyed look as he walked past me. How did this grownup lady know the song we learned at school? his look asked.

So if you’re not ready for the movie-style “Singin’ in the Rain” — and who is after all this? — remember, there’s another song! Go startle a neighbor kid.

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