Happy Mother's Day? Well, if you insist....

Happy Mother's Day? Well, if you insist....
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Here comes Mother’s Day. I’m already wondering about facing my first Father’s Day with no one to celebrate, but I think Mother’s Day is harder, even the 14th time around.

People keep wishing me “Happy Mother’s Day” without knowing that I don’t have either children or a living mother. I suppose this one’s harder than Father’s Day because I’m a woman; I suppose I can find out in June now. I’ve never had children, and my mother died in 2006. So Mother’s Day is a loaded day, not one I enjoy at all. It rather needs rescuing.

But I’ve decided to try to face it differently this year. If someone says “Happy Mother’s Day” to me, I will take it as a wish to “Have a good day on what you thought would be a painful one.”

If someone says “Happy Mother’s Day,” I’ll recognize that they’re basically wishing me comfort, if not joy.

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